Saturday, February 11, 2012


Yolanda Shakron, PUP candidate problems?


( from Channel 7 news )

Yolanda Schackron - she's been a public figure for some two years now - championing the cause of Belizeans for Justice. But since Monday, she's taken it to another level, emerging as the PUP's replacement candidate for Lake Independence after Cordel Hyde suddenly stepped down.

Because of her high public profile and no-nonsense reputation, she's still considered by some to be the favorite to win that PUP-inclined division - even with her late entrance.

But, she may face a stumbling block that no amount of popularity or recognition can overcome. Today 7news received information form a credible source which tells us that Yolanda Schackron holds US and Belizean citizenship. It's not a crime, may people do, but section 58 of the constitution of Belize says plainly that "No person shall be qualified to be elected as a member of the House of Representatives who-

(a) is, by virtue of his own act, under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign power or State." That means elected representatives cannot hold dual citizenship. Indeed, the present UDP administration had tied to change it earlier in its terms but during consultations, the public pushback was too great and they scrapped it.

And so the law stands, but does Shackron's candidacy fall by it? Well, first she'd have to confirm that she does hold dual citizenship. 7news Director Jules Vasquez called her this afternoon and asked that same question.

First, she asked who had told him that. He replied, "a reliable source." No answer, and so he asked again, "Does she hold US and Belizean Citizenship?" She hesitated - and asked to call us back because she was with someone. She still has not called back - and more importantly has not answered a very simple question - that only requires a yes/no response.

The fact that she has not answered leads us to believe that our information, which, again, comes from a credible source, is accurate. If so, major moves will have to be made before the election. But, really, the options are simple: either she gives up the US Citizenship - if she does hold such citizenship, or she withdraws from the race.

But before we contemplate any of that, we await a response from Schackron.

While I would like to see more female candidates in the House of Representatives, Yolanda Shakron, is running on a PUP ticket. ALL UDP and PUP running candidates are automatically becoming members of a political mafia gang. If they win, they will not be allowed to debate and argue in the Parliament under transparency, and openness. THEY MUST by the MAFIA PARTY GANG allegience, decide issues in SECRET in the CABINET ( MAFIA GANG ENCLAVE UNDER THE PARTY DON ) and since the winning party only is half the citizens of the country or less, the minority will rule the rest of the citizens of the country for their own benefit. Which is usually criminal, as in self enrichment schemes, free government cars, salary, travel perks, special doles like the current $50,000 allegation online, being awarded to incumbent mafia gang UDP party members to campaign with, from our taxes and general revenues. ( EMBEZZLEMENT MOST FOUL AND CORRUPTION )Also fancy life pensions, seperation huge cash awards, etc. To be a party mafia made man,- or her- ( you have to win an election on the party ticket to be one )
Yolanda or any party mafia member if elected CANNOT and is not allowed by LAW, to argue in open parliament debate, for the interests of her constituency and voters who she is allegedly supposed to be representing, against the SECRET agreements made in mafia conclave ( the cabinet )by her gang, even if she wanted to. SO WHY VOTE FOR HER? Better to vote for an INDEPENDENT who can speak for the voters you supposedly represent.

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