Saturday, February 11, 2012


Can´t a private contractor do this cheaper? Shahera McKoy of BELTRAIDE a government department.
Beltrade claims to be teaching people how to answer the telephone courteously.


Another Set of Call-Ready Call-Center Workers

And while those farmers are learning about seed production, BELTRAIDE has been teaching business process outsourcing to young people from the Belize and Cayo Districts.

By Business process outsourcing, they mean, working at call centers. The third group of graduates finished their training in Belmopan today - and Shahera McKoy, the Director of business unit at Beltraide told the press office more:..

Shahera McKoy, Beltraide
"Belize will be familiar with the concept of call centers. These are centers that are either offering sales service, customer service or other business support services the for other business and its usually companies in the US and other parts of the world that would outsource these functions to other countries and Belize has been providing these services to those companies. Of recent there have been increase interest in company setting up operations in Belize and as such Beltraide partnering with the Ministry of Education ITVET, CET-Cayo, ITC Center in Belmopan."

"Some industry operators and stakeholders decided that this was a good opportunity to actually train Belizeans to develop the skill needed for this industry and this is what we embarked on."

"Well what this training does is develop the professional for the industry. What has been happening for the past is that people would go in to the call centers not knowing what the expectations are of the industry and what this training has done is basically open their eyes to what is expected of them and have them determine if this is a good fit for them."

So far, some of the certified BPO specialists have been employed.

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