Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sailboats built by Ray Auxillou in Belize in the early 1980´s.

Buccaneer, a 24 ft Belizean sloop, built by Ray Auxillou in the early 1980´s in Belize. One of three identical sloops built out of fiberglass, from a mold I made, that introduced fiberglass boatbuilding to Belize, in the early 1980´s. This boat was used for fishing and tourism and worked for many years as a snorkeling tourist reef dive boat. Also ran tourists down the Great Barrier Reef of Belize with it, island hopping, ending in a cross ocean trip to Puerto Cortez in Honduras a number of times, while taking my tourists to the Gold Mining grounds in Rosario, a mountain of gold in OLANCHO state of Honduras. We went overland by bus in those days from the coastal port of Cortez. You can actually drive there by road nowadays in your own car, via Guatemala to Honduras. Not back then.
The wooden shack was my home then, having split with my then wife Ilna on the island. Tina my daughter tore down the shack some 20 years ago and built her second Tina´s HOSTEL on that property. Later I put the beach lot into the AUXILLOU TRUST and it is forbidden for my four daughters to sell, or borrow against the land. They share it in common, as TRUSTEES, and have built condos, hostel and guest houses here.

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