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Hector Silva, with over 50 years in British Honduras and Belize politics, criticizes the political party CRIMINAL GANG method of governance.


Don. Hector Silva talks politics ( from the horses mouth and 50 years in politics from British Honduras days to Belize Independence days. More or less, how PARTY POLITICS AND THE PARTY LAWS ruined our Belizean INDEPENDENCE. WE ARE NOW RULED BY A PARTY ( GANGS OF THIEVES )

( Courtesy of Plus TV )

Date: Wed 08, Feb 2012

Almost a year ago Don Hector Silva who served under the Peoples United Party in various capacities announced that he was resigning from the Party's Order of Distinguished Service as Silva expressed that he was disillusioned with the course the PUP had taken dissimilar to the original undertaking of the old Party. Since then Silva has been present at many of the third party and independent candidates launch of their campaign into politics. Plus news sat down with Don Hector Silva and questioned him about the role of the third party and independent candidates in the upcoming municipal and general elections SILVA

Don Hector Silva
Prior to 1981, a representative was free to speak and defend his constituency and since they brought that clause whereby you cannot cross the floor, meaning you cannot speak against your own, you are totally tied down. So your constituency begins to ask you ‘Why don’t you speak for us, why don’t you defend us? Why don’t you ask for things?’ And the answer is, ‘I cannot do it, because I am hampered; I am tied down by this new rule.’ People begin to get disenchanted and the people to say ‘Well, why vote for a party, because it is the same; the two of them are the same.’ The recent case that came up with Marcel Cardona actually brought the point to the people that the minute you speak on the behalf of your people, you are doomed. So they say ‘Better we put a person that has no allegiance or loyalty to a political party, we want a person to have allegiance to us the voters.’

However Silva expresses that the Independence or representation which they exercised in the past exist no more as now ministers are tied down to their parties perspective SILVA

Don Hector Silva
We in the past, as members of the House were free and as independent as possible from party control. We belong to a party, we grow up by certain party policies, but when it comes to the constituency, they were our bosses and not the party. That was independence. So I say, why can’t that come back again? When I saw the case with Marcel Cardona, I said here you have this man who has been actually thrown into an independent or what he said non-affiliated and non-affiliated means an independent. So I say here is this man fighting for his constituency, suppose there were six Cardonas? It would make a difference, because they have the power and the privilege under the standing rules and orders to present their view in the form of a motion.

Don Hector then gave us an example of the power an independent candidate can exercise within the house of representatives if elected.

Don Hector Silva
In 1961/1962, we had the idea about Labor Day. There was no Labor Day, so one day I came from Africa and I found there that the labor people are recognized and given a day, which is May 1st - why not Belize? So I came with the idea and I went straight to the Clerk of the Assembly, Stanley Hulse and I told him that I would to present a motion, he said sure. I typed out the motion and gave it to him. It said that ‘I want to move that the country of Belize accept May 1st as a Labor Day on behalf of the workers.’ The Hon. Santiago Perdomo, second me and from there we went. However, someone leaked it out to our leader, who was the first minister and he sent to call me and said ‘Look we understand you are going to put a motion.’ I said ‘Yes.’ He asked, ‘Why didn’t you give us the privilege?’ I said ‘No, this is our motion; this is for us, our creation.’ He said ‘But don’t you think the Minister of Labor should be the person?’ I said no, I told him that we have our standing rules that allow us to do such things. So when we went to the House, I presented my motion, it was read, I got a seconder and from there I said, ‘Any person that votes against this motion shall be branded forever as an enemy of the working people of Belize.’ I got the vote of everyone including the Colonial Secretary - that shows you what an independent person can do.


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