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The productive sector runs from the Belize Alps Northern range, northward about a 100 miles to the Mexican border and West to the border with Guatemala. There is a small growing productive sector in the Southern district of Toledo, but small as yet. The central Stann Creek valley part is mostly citrus and bananas.

HERE ARE THE AGRICULTURE SECTOR PRICES AS OF NOVEMBER 1st., 2009 The categories will give you some idea of the farming going on in the Cayo District.


Prices are Belizean currency and $1 Belize dollar equals .50 cents USA.

Young steers and bulls between 750 lbs to 1100 lbs Prices are running .93 cents to 1.03 per pound.
Cows and heifers from .70 cents to 90 cents per pound.
Heifers for breeding 650 TO 900 LBS are running .95 cents to $1.20 per pound.
Young grass cattle 350 TO 650 LBS from $1.00 to $1.20 per pound.
U.S. price-corn fed cattle 1000 -1200 lbs from $1.60 to $1.75
U.S. price feeders 600 TO 800 LBS are running from $1.80 to $2.00 per lb.
U.S. price claves 450 to 600 lbs from $2.10 to $2.30 per lb.
U.S. price aged butcher cows from .80 cents to $1.00 per lb.

One of the drawbacks to a small population and economy, is that we don't have much to export yet. Like value added processed products, for example salty bacon, or pepperoni, or smoked cured sausages. These things will eventually come.

Weiner pigs 30 to 50 lbs $85 to $95 each
Butcher pigs 125 TO 200 lbs $1.65 to $1.75 per lb.
Belize SHEEP

Butcher lambs from $2.25 to $2.50 per lb
Mature ewes $1.60 to $1.75 per lb.

GOATS There are goats raised for survivalist type jungle farmers. There is no market though, as the quantity is not high and they are mostly raised to sell the fresh goat milk.

CHICKENS Chickens have become big business throughout Central and South America. Most countries are self sufficient in chicken meat and the Chinese restaurants and super markets have created the demand for chicken, as the most staple meat on the continent. Belize can and does produce more chicken than we consume. Exports though are the next step for this commodity.
Broilers - live per lb. $1.24 to $1.29 per lb.
Old Hens $1.24 to $1.29 per lb.

MILK PRODUCTION There are constant complaints we do not produce enough milk in Belize for local consumption. Particularly from the cheese makers. We do not as of yet export cheese.
Farmers producing prices .46 cents to .51 cents per lb.

SPECIAL FARM PRODUCTS Farm raised SHRIMP retail prices are $6.00 to $9.00 per lb. Shrimp is both exported and sold locally.
COBIA fish farming This is a new venture in the internal sea waters of Belize, using net pens. From fingerling to 12 lbs weight, takes one year. World demand is high. We are expecting a dramatic increase in sea water, net pen fish farming in Belize over the next 10 years.
Pitahya ( Dragon fruit ) The acreage is very small and insufficient are grown to export yet. Requires new immigrants and more acreage. One doubts the acreage planted to Pitahya after five years exceeds 20 acres all told. $1.00 to $3.00 depending on season.
EGGS for a case of 30 dozen, the wholesale price is $63 and retail $72.

Grains, Beans and Rice
Belize yellow corn .18 cents to $.20 cents
White corn .20 cents to 25 cents
Local native corn retail .23 cents to .30 cents
U.S. corn price .11 cents to .14 cents
Guatemalan corn across the border .26 cents to .34 cents
Belize Milo .15 to .18 cents
BEANS the little red and black types $1.20 to $1.40 per lb.
Black Eyed Peas .75 to $1.25 per lb.
PADDY RICE from combine .30 to .34 cents per lb. We do not export rice as of yet. We are self sufficient as a small nation.
Government controlled prices of milled rice

CITRUS IS BIG BUSINESS Citrus orchids make money about every seven years on world price glut cycles.
Solid oranges per 90 lb box $6.80
Grapefruit per 90 lb box $3.75

SUGAR $45 per ton
Processed WHITE sugar 112 lbs $46 per bag
Brown sugar 112 lbs $39 per bag

Ethanol is already practical for farm small scale, cottage industry type stills, to offset fuel costs. Nobody is yet doing it and the copper tubing materials are not readily available in Belize. ( see research earlier here on Western Belize Happenings )

Export @ 40 lb to a box $16.84
Local wholesale 40 lb box $8.00 Sold locally in my Santa Elena Town at 10 for a $1 retail In BELMOPAN the capital they retail at 8 for a $1 We eat bananas for breakfast EVERY DAY, plus PAPAYA for breakfast ( we grow our own around the house )

VEGETABLES All year round production nowadays, using greenhouses. Some seasonal shortages when the skies are cloudy in the Fall Winter season and two rainy seasons.
TOMATOES $1 to $5 depending on season per lb.
Cabbages and cucumbers .75 to $1.75 depending on seasonal fluctuations. Limited exports so far. Mostly processed HABENERO PEPPERS in hot sauces.

**** There is a current research into finding foreign markets and using processed vegetable products. This stage is still in it's infancy due to the small population producing such things. The area in the Northern part of Belize though is ideal for greenhouses and hydroponic farms, with flat land, lots of sunlight and a water table about 30 feet down, accessible by wells.

**** Most of this information was obtained from the Belize Ag Report This publication is available from Box 150, San Ignacio, Belize, Central America. E-mails are: editor@belizeagreport.com, deadlines for printing are the 15th of each month. Local price is $1.50. There is no international overseas price advertised yet. This is a stapled, glossy 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch booklet with articles and advertising.

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