Wednesday, December 9, 2009



Belizeans are faced with the problem of Lord Ashcroft. On a par with Jeffry Prosser of more olden times, the Robber Barons that come to Belize to loot the economy and government gullibility and naive, hand shake type business practices of a small economy and small population, are meeting the vultures of the world.
The latest gossip in Western Belize and on the chat listserves and newspapers with Belizeans, is the public consensus, that the UDP government should NATIONALIZE all of Lord Ashcroft's assets in Belize. The good Lord also has Belizean citizenship and dual citizen rights. His pet puppet last Prime Minister of Belize, actually appointed him AMBASSADOR one time to the United Nations in the name of Belize, or something like that the newspapers hint? Here in rural parts, we never get the whole story, only gossip and rumors usually. He has put in the PUP government in the past by financing their election campaigns, which said corrupt PUP political party is not in government right now. The UDP in power running the country, have taken umbrage with Lord Ashcroft business methods, which are considered by our naive population, brutal and deceitful. They are usually legal is my own reading of the newspaper articles. They have cost a couple of hundred millions of lost tax revenues, it is said; in rumors and gossip among the ordinary folks. Lord Ashcroft also is reputed to run close to the borders of legality. In the past, his PUP manipulated political party have handed him everything on a golden platter, it is said by the current government, and the people discussing the good Lord in the streets of the rural districts.
The big problem, the man is regarded as GREEDY! He also fights using LAWSUITS, that go on for years and cost oodles of millions of dollars. The sand in the food, is the fact being discussed among the public, that actually the citizens of Belize own money is being turned against their government to pay for his war and in effect they are forced through legal, but what are considered publicly shady business practices, to finance lawsuits that are costing the government treasury oodles of tens of millions of dollars.
There is no end in sight say critics. Others are saying on the streets, it would just be better to get him and his assets out of the country. So NATIONALIZE everything he owns and be done with it. The consensus seems to be, we would not miss him, or his assets. The Prime Minister, Dean Barrow is reputed to have NATIONALIZED the good Lord Ashcroft's shares in the Telecommunications company ( one of the two he ( Ashcroft) owned, or controlled ) to stem the tide of very expensive litigation, that ROBBER BARON Lord Ashcroft uses to cow and beat down his enemies. Being a decent man, Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, ( just a tinge of larceny through government nepotism ), he has left Ashcroft with majority ownership in a television company, another telecommunications company controlled through offshore TRUSTS in tax havens it is said? A bus service transportation company. Lord Ashcroft though says he owns no telecommunications businesses in Belize. The whole thing is a shadowy play with offshore TRUSTS using different foreign jurisdictions and puppet front stooges, says the Prime Minister of Belize.
Some of the general public and myself sort of admire Lord Ashcroft, business acumen. He didn't become a BILLIONAIRE by being nice and polite. Myself, I'm weak in that regard, I could never be so ruthless, so I'll never be a millionaire even. Actually I would settle to be a millionaire ( grin! ). There is also the problem in Belize that Lord Ashcroft is a member of the House of Lords and a member in legal fact of the QUEEN'S GOVERNMENT in the United Kingdom. The terms of the Constitution of Belize, make Belize an INDEPENDENT country, by United Nations mandate and charter, but recognizes the QUEEN OF ENGLAND as our sovereign and any member of her government in the U.K. is above the law in Belize and not subject to ARREST, or prosecution says our Constitutional Law, legal experts are saying around here. This makes for a dicey situation legally speaking and Lord Ashcroft fights his enemies and business competition with expensive legal cases, using the citizens of Belize own tax money to wage such war, which is what is getting the anger of the public aroused.
There is no end in sight right now, but it would not surprise me to see some newspaper and television announcements in this local SOAP OPERA battle between Lord Ashcroft of the U.K. and the Prime Minister of Belize and his government, end up in NATIONALIZATION of all of Lord Ashcroft's property in Belize during the first quarter of 2010, starting about a month from now. Prime Minister Barrow has shown himself to be a man of action in legal affairs, and the sovereign interest of the nation can be used to swat gnats and mosquitoes when they become an expensive nuisance. It is an interesting BELIZEAN SOAP OPERA and king of the airwaves and newsprint right now. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?

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