Monday, December 14, 2009



Apparently the old local owners have retired, or sold out, or something? There is a new Board of Trustees and new CHIEF HONCHO of Galen University.

Started by locals in partnership with a Greek Galen University financing, back in 2003, the University is still going strong and growing with the country and population. It is a long term investment of course, but a good one. Education is a solid business.
Dr. Louis Zabaneh is the head honcho now. 75% of the local University courses are to do with business. They are not apparently doing that well with this education from the pragmatic local view. One doesn't read of any list of successful business entrepreneurs coming out of our local education system, by any University, or College. Yet the current economic situation in Belize, is loaded with business opportunities and more arise all the time. I wish I was a younger man and an octopus so I had more hands to do so many of the business ventures I see available.
New Board of Directors are Senator Godwin Hulse, Dr. Aaron Lewis Phd in physics, Dr. John McAfee Phd in mathematics, Mr. Caltan McKoy a mid level Social Security bureaucrat, Ms Marian McNab former CEO of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Valentino Shal graduate of the London School of Economics and former banker Ms. Shelly Usher.
Their website is: The University has an email at: and a local phone number of: 824 3226
Dr. Zabaneh has the goal of increasing business real life learning with practicum placements and internships.
The big thing Galen University of Belize has to offer, are English as a second language for foreign students and also a deal with the University in Indianapolis to offer USA recognized degrees in seven accredited undergraduate programs, that eliminate the expense and difficulties of attaining US paperwork. These are Anthropology, Archaeology, Environmental Science, Economics, International Business, Marketing and Business Administration. All of these degrees educate people to be salaried workers in a bureaucratic milieu.
The University is located in Western Belize and about 5 miles East of Santa Elena Town, and next door to the government Tropical Agriculture College and Ministry of Natural Resources, Agriculture Research Teaching Station.

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