Thursday, December 10, 2009


For those of you interested in NEWS of Belize. I recommend the
It is a publication that is now on it's fourth issue. Comes out every two months. Up until now, I briefly skipped through it at the Agro Store where we often buy our weekend newspapers in Santa Elena Town.
The first three editions were very poor amateurish. Skimming through, I decided not to buy the publication. However Beth Robinson gave me a free copy the other day when we met at Pine Lumber. The first three editions were black and white and lacked any factual and statistical and anecdotal articles telling of agriculture experiences in Belize. They tried, but it was very poor reporting. This latest publication for November and December 09 changes things. They went to a glossy format and the articles are complex, detailed, technical and statistical. I enjoyed my copy immensely. In fact, I'm using some of the information in this publication to put on the BLOG - WESTERN BELIZE HAPPENINGS for news to the rest of the world who read my stuff. ( about a million people a year ).
This fourth edition is perfect. I see success for them if they can keep up this quality. They also have lots of advertising. Going to be a serious publication it looks like?
Subscriptions are $15 Bz for a year ( 6 copies ) They will also mail international for $36 Bz, or $18 usa. The address is Box 150, San Ignacio, Cayo, Belize, Central America.
The editor is Beth Robinson, the assistant editor is John Carr and the technical manager is Jane Beard who moved from being an executive secretary at the British High Commission in Belmopan to some other local job someplace. She told me, but I forget. Not sure I know John Carr? I know Beth Robinson though, who is an old timer Belizean.
They have an email:
They are distributing in Belize of course, but also over in Peten, Guatemala, and the Yucatan, Quintana Roo part of Mexico.
The thing I remember Beth telling me, was that the first three black and white simple stapled print copies were not selling so good. But since she changed it to a color glossy publication, EVERYTHING has sold out faster than hot Johnny cakes and Kingfish steaks.
While I admit it is prettier, I am interested for the content and the articles are good this edition, if they stay like that I will subscribe myself.

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