Friday, December 11, 2009


** Lots of cultural festivals in Belize for the kids and young people.
** Garifuna culture down on the coast is vibrant and strong. Their traditional music is drumming. You have small communities of coastal people. They are strong on farming and fishing. Some of them have actually immigrated to the USA and become famous scientists in prestigious Universities up there.
** Party time for high school age girls is a big thing in Belize.
*** We tend to have a lot of holidays in Belize and festivals of one kind or another. We like to live a bit and these things are for the youngsters, as part of their youth and growing up.


Whats it like living in Western Belize? We are a young country. Went INDEPENDENT in 1982. The government has been broke ever since. In the Cayo District, the population over 50 years ago, was less than 5000 people. Today that population is 140,000 and people are all immigrants from some place else in the world mostly. You have a pioneer, frontier attitude of make do. Everybody of course is struggling to survive and grow with the country. Things you take for granted in industrialized Western countries in temperate zones, we either don't have these things, or are trying to figure out how to do them here. This is a tropical paradise. The climate is ETERNAL SPRING. Our summer is May, June and July basically. You can grow food year round. We are just starting to figure that out actually and is still a work in progress.
If you like CHALLENGES and are a pioneer, then Western Belize is the place for you. Opportunities abound to start new businesses. The drawback is the local market is small. So you have to figure on exporting whatever you make, or produce. That is where the current small population is at. We just tipped over from the subsistance style living, to making processed ADDED VALUE things to export to other countries. We are not exporting sausages for instance, as of yet, but are exporting processed meat to Mexico. Until this year we only sold them live cattle. Jamaica is crying for all our foods, but transportation is the challenge and getting paid are the problems to be solved here. Several airplanes have been built in the country, so it is not like we are dumb or anything. We may be country bumpkins, mostly because the type of person living here, likes to walk down the street and have people smile and wave and call them by name. We are pioneers and frontier type people, living for challenges to be solved and taking pride in DEVELOPING this small young nation.
We like to play too, so FESTIVALS are big around here. Lots of government holidays.

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