Thursday, December 10, 2009


Running W Brand Meats on Western Highway, heading for Santa Elena Town. ( Weell! We call it a town, the mile along the Western Highway. We have two gas stations, half dozen Chinese supermarkets and several restaurants. The FIRST STOP Chinese Restaurant the through TRUCKERS like to stop at. No Town Council though, but we have a public library that always need donations of books, if you have any? )


Running W Brand Meats can be found on the Western Highway just past the Department of Natural Resources, Central Farm Agriculture Research and teaching station.

For the first time this past week, I bought some of their sausages. Darned if I didn't like them! Tasted just like in the USA, when you stick them in a skillet and brown them, bit of salt. Add a fried egg and I felt like I was in Mississipi without the grits. They are producing a number of processed meats for the local market. Far as I know, they are the ONLY producer of processed meats in the country at this early stage of development? I really want some HOT pepperoni sausage, like that BRIDGEPORT PEPPERONI they sell in supermarkets in the USA. Have never found any yet. I produce my own small scale kitchen BEEF JERKY slices in the micro-wave oven after letting them marianate in a ZIP LOCK plastic sandwich bag, using salt, Soy Sauce, black pepper, and various spices. I can't duplicate that commercial beef jerky, they sell in USA supermarkets though. Good enough to chew on, when I am trying to avoid eating, to control my weight. Ah well! This is pioneer frontier country. We learn to do without, or make substitutes.

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