Friday, December 4, 2009


*** The small HASS avocado is the big favorite in California. In Belize we have them, but we also have bigger ones and nicer varities.
*** Avocados grow on trees. In Belize we have a bunch of different varieties.


In neighboring Mexico and Guatemala, the small ugly looking dark HASS avocado seems to be the most common. It is consequently the favorite in California. In Belize we have different varieties and can buy avocados in local market stalls, almost all the year round. The avocado slice is a staple for breakfast, along with egg, re-fried beans, flour tortillas and some meat. Belizeans are usually looking to buy the larger green avocados.
The Ministry of Agriculture at Central Farm Research Station has been introducing later varieties of avocados. There are two germ plasm banks, one maintained by Bob Griffith of Corozal District and one at Central Farm, Research Station. These plots contain a large variety of avocado trees that will be used to propagate material for farmers. It takes about 5 years to grow a bearing fruit tree. Up until now, the Ministry of Agriculture has been strapped for cash, as the different elected political governments are struggling to support a small country population, on very tight budgets and every year increases the national debt with foreign loans. The competition for agriculture products for export, versus the need for bridges, roads, schools and clinics, means there is always insufficient money to go around. Until now, Agriculture has suffered the budget cuts the most. It is only this year that some extra experimental money grants have come in from places like FAO of the United Nations for research and development work in tropical crops.
The trick in Belize we now know is to plant different avocado varieties, so that you have a selling crop on the local market, mostly year round, rather than a short season.

*** There are over 650 articles with photos on life in Western Belize. Just use GOOGLE and type WESTERN BELIZE HAPPENINGS!

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Pretty much every avocado you see in stores and that gets served in restaurants is smuggled in from Mexico and technically illegal contraband.

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