Friday, December 4, 2009

BELIZE Impetigo cure, good also for boils, carbuncles, athletes foot and fungus infections.

** skin infections from staph bacteria. IMPETIGO cure is lime juice and sea salt in boiling water in a concentration.
** skin staph infection breakout, IMPETIGO


We had a rash of Impetigo cases in Cayo District this FALL season. Don't know what from? Three in my family got the darned rashes. I know mine started with an insect bite, then spread from there. What happens you get an itching sensation, which blossoms into what looks like a mound, or pimple forming, without the head. This then graduates to a red infected skin, circular about the size of a penny, then spreads out in a circle about the size of a quarter. If you scratch the itch you spread it, they say. From my own experience, I think the stuff travels through the blood in the skin capillaries. First time I ever had it. Hard to get rid of and it is a staph or strep skin bacterial infection, that seems to eat flesh. Doesn't go deep, but travels on the surface of the skin and seems to jump about an inch away and start a new lesion, once it grows to the size of a quarter. Doesn't look good.
I spent about a month on antibiotics and using a cream from the doctor's prescription and couldn't get rid of it. The lesion I treated would die, but then another one would break out someplace else.
Finally, Maria Aytes Wagner, sent me a HOMEOPATHIC cure recommendation. What you do is boil a little water, put it in a cup and then add fresh squeezed lime juice, mix with common sea salt, we buy locally for food in a plastic package in a heavy concentration. I had just been to the HOSPITAL POLY CLINIC in Western Belize and the doctor prescribed some heavy two anti biotics. He told me the first one I had been taking from another doctor should have cured it, because it was strong. After a month, I still continued to get outbreaks. Anyway, to make a long story short, after my wife told me the anti-biotics I got from the POLY CLINIC were really heavy stuff and would destroy all the bacteria in my stomach, I opted to try Marie Aytes Wagner homeopathic cure. It works! Forget the doctors and medical profession and just get some fresh limes and sea salt and mix up your own heavy concentration and pat down and apply as often as you want. Doesn't take long to clear it up.

I'm told this cure is good also for boils, carbuncles, athletes foot and fungal infections.

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