Sunday, December 13, 2009

John and Beth Roberson old colonial expats from the USA in Belize for 49 years.

As EXPATS go, the Roberson's are old timers from the Colonial era. Into horses. I believe I bought a lot of lumber from their old lumber mill operation. I've been around from British Honduras days myself, since 1960 and the Robersons were always a fixture in the Western Cayo District. It was definitely more primitive that long ago. I spent my own life on the Barrier Reef Islands, Caye Caulker in particular and my four daughters deal in real estate and the tourist business today. The Robersons were always in the Cayo District. I remember him riding fancy BIG quarter Western Horses, imported from the USA, when most local horses were short runty things. He loved all those saddles and Western attire and set the mark back then, for the future.

A native of Massachusetts, I arrived in British Honduras as a Peace Corps Volunteer 36 years ago - the tail end of the colonial era. Husband John, of Wilmington, N.C., and I are both dual citizens (USA/Bze). We have raised our family here, and worked in a few fields - timber, ranching, a dabble of tourism - guest house and 1st horseback tours to Caracol. Over the years, we've assisted friends to find the right properties and make successful transitions to the New World tropics.

Working from our home office at Cedar Bluff Ranch, on the Macal River, you will find us about 5 minutes from San Ignacio. We love these rivers, creeks, and cenotes - and the superb habitat they create for the wildlife, birds and amazing flora. Waking up to the gentle calls of the mot-mot, later on the chachalacas, and the gritty calls of the ubiquitous toucans, on lucky days the zany serenade of the aurapendula..........don't expect life here to be perfect - but it is usually interesting, sometimes fascinating.

BETH ROBERSON ( Editor of the Belize Ag Report publication )

The office is my domain, while John locates elusive boundaries, suggests logical solutions for roads/electricity/water and generally keeps things going. He would much rather talk livestock with you, or show you his prize Nelore cattle and Quarter Horses.

John advertises Nelore Bulls for sale and also provides a Stallion Breeding Service. They both have about 49 years with livestock experience in the Cayo District.

Contact: John C. Roberson, tel: 664 7272, or email:

Beth and John Roberson Sr.
P.O. Box 150 San Ignacio, Belize
011-501-664-7272 or 663-6777

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