Wednesday, December 9, 2009


** Carib Cement ships direct from Jamaica to Belize directly.
** Jamaican Carib Cement factory


The announcement by CARIBE CEMENT agent in the port of Belize City, down on the coast of Belize in the central part of the country, saying that the new importation of cement shipments from Jamaica, in competition with Honduras, Guatemalan and Salvadoranean cement manufacturer shippers to Belize, has raised HOPES and EXCITEMENT among business entrepreneurs.
Jamaica and Belize are part of CARICOM and thus enjoy PREFERENTIAL CUSTOM TARIFFS. The new shipments from Jamaica direct to Belize by an ocean freighter with CARIB cement on a TWICE WEEKLY schedule, opens the door for exports to Jamaica. We do know from past endeavors to sell them lobster, shrimp and fish from Belize, that in the past there was always trouble getting paid in FOREIGN EXCHANGE. Usually U.S. International currency. The business in the past fell flat for inability to get paid in foreign exchange.
The AGENT for CARIB cement in the port town of Belize City, a small town and one of the major ports of Belize, is saying that the ship bringing the cement has to return to Jamaica empty. The AGENT would like cargos to go to JAMAICA. The distance is about 800 miles and the EASTWARD leg is usually against wind and waves. Such cement cargo ships are small. At present we have no photograph of this ship here in the interior productive heartland of Belize. I have carried cement and lumber myself in a small 30 ton freighter, 68 ft. long, wood Chesepeake freighter some 35 years ago, ( "Winnie Estelle" - still working in Tourism -use GOOGLE for photograph ) between Honduras and Belize. So this is a subject dear to my heart.
An empty small freighter going directly back to Jamaica EMPTY means any entrepreneur in Western Belize can probably go deck passage for $50 and an arrangement with the Captain to seek markets for new products from Western Belize, light manufacturing and food processing products. If you can fill a container with something to sell, you would be in a good business. From my own youthful experience, entrepreneur businessmen would be best to get an air mattress, sleeping bag for deck passage, and four days of food to eat, and head to Jamaica on this TWICE WEEKLY vessel and see if you can sell an export product from here in Jamaica.
One tip of advice. NEVER ship on credit. Use a LETTER OF CREDIT, F.O.B. from the Port of Belize and a local bank, like Atlantic Bank to get paid. Getting paid is the hardest part, for trade with countries like in CARICOM, that have foreign exchange problems and BADLY run governments.

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