Tuesday, February 9, 2010

BELIZE NEMO ( Belize Emergency Management Organization )

BELIZE NEMO ( National Emergency Management Organization plans.
Things to think about and make plans for!

We heard on TV the other night that a NEMO spokesperson was listing the newer things they have to prepare for in NEMO. In the past, it was just Hurricanes. Now it is also floods, as the Peten jungles have been cleared over in Guatemala and the MOPAN RIVER brings torrents of water down from all that barren ranch land. Recently we had some earthquakes and one at least damaged some buildings down South near Monkey River. So now NEMO are planning to include earthquakes and floods, in their disaster scenarios.
I would remind NEMO that during the 1627 to 1631 period, Belize and the Yucatan suffered a locust plague with millions of locusts, swarming over the countryside for three whole years. Over a million and a half Maya people died in Belize and the Yucatan from starvation. I remind NEMO, because each Spring, I get very BEEEG locusts sitting on top of the netting of my plant nursery. Only one or two at a time, but these locusts are the size of pigeons, if not bigger. I cannot for the life of me, imagine what would happen to us in Belize if we had a locust plague like back in those three years of 1627 to 1631. NEMO should try to find out where the breeding ground is for these locusts and make plans on how to spray for them if needed, like they do in Africa.
The Health Department seem prepared for a virus, or epidemic as recent preparations show. The 1917 - 18 Spanish Flu epidemic killed hundreds of millions here in the Americas.
Another disaster NEMO should prepare for is a drought. It is now clear from Stalagmite records in the Macal Chasm on the VACA PLATEAU of Belize, that we had a long period of drought between 750 A.D. and 1150 A.D. This dating coincides with the demise of organized government in the MAYAN lowland KINGDOMS. The Mayan city states ceased to exist as a governing force between 750 A.D. and 900 A.D. ( Known as the abandonment of the CLASSICAL Mayan building age - the 2nd one ) There is another record someplace of a Belize area drought in the mid 1400's. We are currently in a mini-climate cycle and our usual dry season is the coming April and May period. We also expect to have a drought this dry season, making the production of electricity from our hydro dams difficult, if not impossible. So plans for droughts should be another disaster awareness for our National Emergency Organization. What will we do if there is a water shortage, after the normal dry season, as we go through a mini-climate - weather fluctuation?
Things to think about and plan for!

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