Monday, February 15, 2010


The second nursery, also converted to growing in pots, that are re-potted and fertilized using chicken manure, ashes and worm farm manure.
** This previous hydroponic nursery experiment was eventually changed to pre-potted and chicken and worm manure fertilized, pot growing, without liquid feeding via the hydroponics method. Less labor intensive.

From: Julie Thomson
Subject: hydroponic gardening
Date: Monday, February 15, 2010, 9:15 AM

Hello from Canada
I was recently visiting in Hopkins, Belize. A group was speaking to the local citizens about hydroponic gardening. I wonder if you are associated with that group as I would like to learn more with the possible aim of assisting in projects which would assist locals in growing their own vegetables.
Hoping to hear from you soon.

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You should find our stuff on the internet Julie. You might also look through over 650 short news items on vegetable research experiments in Belize at:

We ran hydroponic research for 3 years here for our NGO called the Belize Development Trust. No! We have no relationship with any other group. We printed about 4 books on our discoveries and the last one was the culmination of everything we had learned. Books were only printed in small quantities, like twenty or so, and mostly given out to interested parties. Which was the Research Unit of Central Farm, The Prime Minister's of two consecutive party governments and also to the United Nations FAO. Since we closed up that project as successful, the FAO and the European Union has given GRANTS to the government to cover further experiments in water systems, soil systems, worm farms, and greenhouse vegetable production. I'm not keeping up with it anymore.
We still have two nurseries ( very small ) and they are going to the weeds, though I do have a couple of nice crops of two types of Mustard Spinach growing for home consumption. You would be welcome to come down and use them for further experimental work. Presuming you are financially self sustaining. We grow in bags, or old chlorax pots. I am on to other development projects right now and too busy to really even water the plants. Though they seem to be growing well without my attentions. One small nursery is producing food for the table. Few tomatoes, leeks, mint, spinach lettuce, and that sort of thing. The three and a half years we ran the experiments, of which two and a half years were in pure hydroponics, ( hand fed and food mixed by ourselves here ) were successful. The only real problem were finding varieties for the climate and the research showed we had basically too seasons and you needed different varieties for year round production. We had always wanted to go to an ebb and flow system experiment, but never got to it and you cannot buy any kind of irrigation tubing and root feeders in this remote area. So hand labor in hydroponics was a big thing. The only plants having trouble with bugs and diseases were the tomatoes.

Last month we just finished establishing our new project for introducing FINANCIAL TRADING of FUTURES in the country of Belize, and are now in the late stages of practical performance testing. The trading room and equipment is finished and operating now. ( use GOOGLE for information try: AMATEUR OEX OPTIONS TRADING )

Wind Charger manufacture!
We are are also working on the start up theory of an experimental, proof of concept, wind charger, designed from scratch. Not quite ready to move into the building stage, as it would require about $1500 of labor probably? At the moment we cannot afford to budget the money to start it. Most of the technical aspects have been figured out. It is only needed now to build the experimental prototype to fine tune reality with the theoretical data.
We are looking at using the low rpm windmill explained on Report #40 of the Belize Development Issues website, from 2001, and designing the generator from scratch, to satisfy the direct drive, low 30 rpm requirements. This is envisioned as one of those entrepreneurial, start up, incubator experiments. Windmill chargers for sale on the world market for export from Belize.

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