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The RESULT of the G -32 SUMMIT in MEXICO. ( Feb. 2010 )

THE RESULT OF THE G -32 SUMMIT ( Feb. 2010 )

The G -32 Summit was the Group of 32 Latin and Caribbean nations that met in Mexico to discuss forming a new grouping mimicking the European Union Group of 20, or something like that.
It seems the new grouping was to the liking of everybody and one of the main things was the skipping of ideology found in the RIO GROUP, that currently meets in South America. The conflict between communist, tyrannical dictatorships and democracies was voted out of discussion at this new grouping of the G -32. If it can be kept so, it will be a good start. Other than that and a resolution to help Haiti with less than $6 million usa in pledge assistance, nothing more came out of the summit. The leaders will meet next year. In the meantime, our Foreign Minister in Belize and Attorney General, Mr. Elrington, said that; there are ongoing discussions among the G -32 on a monthly basis on a wide range of issues.
The biggest issue facing the G - 32 is that attacks by the G -20 of Europe and the OECD on our FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS and the threats of SANCTIONS by the OECD, G- 20, are violating the sovereignty and the right for countries to make their own laws in their own countries. The ALBA Federation of G -7 Communist dictatorship wanna-be countries and the Presidents for Life movement, does not attract the democracies, or other 25 countries of the G – 32. Rather in getting into sociological and political arguments about ideologies, the agreement was to ban that part and work on economic trade and agreements that could be accomplished.
First and foremost is International Banking capabilities OUTSIDE of the G -20, OECD countries. We need a banking system to facilitate interchange of money. We need the common currency among us itself. Because there are so many countries this can get sticky and take a long time to organize. The warlike attacks on sovereignty by the OECD, cannot wait for such long term solutions.
I thought to start something small. Both Guatemala and Belize are being threatened by SANCTIONS by the OECD, or Europeans, who seem to seek WORLD DOMINATION again. We need a common International tradable currency in a hurry.
I thought of paper money, but our paper money is printed in England. That is OECD territory, so that solution of paper money as a common exchange medium between Guatemalan QUETZALS and BELIZE DOLLARS is a non-starter. Paper money for the short term moment is out then? Until we can print our own. Both Guatemala and Belize use USA dollars as a common currency in normal times. Against using the US dollar is that some parts of the future G – 32 countries, use the EURO currency as their foreign exchange component. Neither the QUETZAL, or the BELIZE DOLLAR have any value, outside of each of our borders.
We need some change in banking regulations and currency controls, to enable the exchange of our Guatemalan Quetzals and Belizean Dollars to establish a new currency. I was thinking of something short term and fast. How about GOLD COINS made by the PRIVATE SECTOR. The value fluctuates according to world demand. It is tradable for USA dollars, Euros, or Quetzals, or Belize Currency, IF both countries would pass the legislation enabling the fabrication of gold coins by the private sector and for the private sector to legally hold such transferable FOREIGN EXCHANGE. We need also both US DOLLAR ACCOUNTS and EUROS in Belize and GUATEMALA by citizens FREELY through our banking system, without government controls over our populations. The money situation would have to OPEN UP and let in some maneuvering room.
Given such a system, investment would also pick up and our slavery to the printing presses of England, or the rule of the NEW COLONIALISM coming out of the OECD, G- 20 of Europe would make us more independent. While they control these money things, we are stuck in a losing position.
There are of course more things to consider in the financial field, but exchangeable money out of the control of the OECD countries would be a first step, that is needed right now, if their SANCTIONS of slavery imposed on us are to fail.
Something to think about anyway. Do nothing and you end up being exploited as new colonies of the OLD WORLD in a new form.
Lets start with something simple and manageable. A common currency capable of being exchanged between the Quetzal, the Belize Dollar and the alternatives of the USA dollar and the Euro dollar. Something of our own preferably.

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