Wednesday, February 17, 2010


** OECD tax revenues at the expense of the other 170 countries of the world.
** OECD meeting. The white Europeans introduce race control of the world again by their new conquest philosophy's. A la Hitler in a new version.
** The face of the new world conquest group, the OECD headquarters.


Our Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow was angry and irate the other day, when the news broke that the OECD was threatening us with ECONOMIC SANCTIONS. He called them in response to local media investigative many insulting names. Basically he said they were immoral.
What we know is they wish to destroy our small FINANCIAL SERVICES INDUSTRY through compulsory signing of some kind of treaty they have drawn up in their favor. The threat of SANCTIONS is an ACT OF WAR by this group. So checking the internet I researched to see who and what this group is?
The Title for the OECD is “For the Economic Recovery and Progress of Europe”
This is to be done through “Expansion of World Trade for member countries.”
The OECD works for 30 member countries. These are: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, U.K., and USA.
I don’t know how Mexico got into a European Industrialized country Organization, intent on ruling the world?
There are approximately another 170 or more countries in the world, with SOVEREIGNTY AND INDEPENDENCE. Apparently these 30 countries of the OECD are out to divvy up the economic benefits, of capturing the other countries of the world, as suppliers of raw materials and becoming economic colonial slave state markets, for their benefit?
The OECD employs 2500 bureaucrats. They can call on the military power of all 30 member nations to enforce their will, on the rest of the 170 countries of the world. That they are doing this, is born out by the threat of SANCTIONS against tiny Belize, to get us to sign some tax sharing treaty obligations we do not want to sign. An infringement of our SOVEREIGNTY and INDEPENDENCE. The treaty will destroy our FINANCIAL SERVICES INDUSTRY.
This is comparable to when our Belize National Police pick up some unsuspecting victim off the streets and beat and kick him near to death, or put a metal bucket over his head and hit it with batons, until the victim suspect signs a confession to some burglary, or robbery the police do not know who did it. We have many arguments in Belize against this warlike, bullying practice, but it still goes on and such signed confessions are most often thrown out of court, defeating the purpose of the signed confession in the first place.
The OECD have done the same to us: the OECD are threatening SANCTIONS on Belize if we do not comply and sign away our sovereign rights to make our own laws. They are doing it to many small countries around the world. Obviously this is a pack of scoundrels, criminals and a pack of wolves bent on subjugating the rest of the world to their benefit. World conquest like Hitler.
I would agree with our Prime Minister complying voluntarily to supplying the information they want, but I would not agree to him signing a TREATY with the OECD as a client slave state under intimidation, threats of sanctions. This is not a way to treat partners and friends. Nor is it right for them to treat us like a colonial nothing and country of slaves and indigenous peoples to be exploited. It is good to know who your enemies and friends are, and now we know? I think if the Prime Minister, Dean Barrow signs this treaty now, even under protest, he will lose the next election. It would be viewed as Appeasement like Chamberlain prior to World War 2. You cannot appease bully’s, intent on world conquest. I’d rather fight and get our lickings, than knuckle under as a SLAVE STATE. I’d rather we got the SANCTIONS and Prime Minister Barrow, acted like Winston Churchill. We must find a way to be self sufficient, and if it means war with these European countries intent on a new style of world conquest, then so be it. Nothing is EVER gained by appeasement, things will only then get worse for us as a nation otherwise. That is the lesson of experience and history.

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