Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The plot by the BILDEBERG group and G 7 countries, to take over the world!


A Greek citizen writes on the internet that the fiasco in GREECE was manipulated by the banks on behalf of the G 7, now expanded to the G 20. The guy said he hated to do it, but he was leaving his homeland of GREECE. He believed that the G 7 is basically a NEW IMPERIALISM to dominate and control the world. The first thing is through the money system. From what I understand they are not going to allow Europeans to have more than 1500 Euros, taken out of banks at any one time. They are starting with GREECE as a test case, he said. All transactions over 1500 Euros will only be able to be done using credit cards. In a computerized world, those that control the money flows control the world.
Jesse Ventura had a long show of all his tv series CONSPIRACY THEORIES re-run last weekend. The show that had the most audience attention was the SECRET BILDEBERG MEETINGS each year to establish a NEW WORLD ORDER. The BILDEBURG Group are policy makers of different governments and Jesse Ventura said there were a smaller group behind the Bildeburg Group. About a 120 people with a vision of a World that they controlled. Back prior to World War 1 most of the World was control by MONARCHIES and Russia and all the European monarchies of that time, had controlled THEIR known world through competition and inter-marriage. A small group of families. All the Monarchies of Russia and Europe were cousins. Between World War 1 and 2, most Monarchies did not survive. Yet it is the same players that are dividing up the world again to control it as subject peoples. The Bildeburg SECRET Meetings are making the plans. The OECD which is a product of the G 7 and now the G 20 is threatening countries like BELIZE with SANCTIONS, the new weapon of attack and subjegation. They are out to wipe out all the new Financial Services Industries that were able to compete with Belgium the UK and New York, established because of rapid internet telecommunications. Belize is currently under a state of WAR with the OECD a subsidiary organization, like an attack company of military might using standard warlike weapons.
According to Jesse Ventura investigative reporter and star of the Conspiracy Theories TV series, there is a group behind the SECRET BILDEBURG MEETINGS to divide up the world into spheres of economic control and new style of so called independent countries. Who indeed sets the agendas, hires the lecturers and professors to feed the world leaders their brand of theories at the Bildeburg Conference. He even speculated that behind them was another smaller group, believed to be the behind the scenes BANKERS, or major traditional money people, that have controlled Kings for centuries, via finance and money.
We know this for a fact in Belize, as the OECD is currently attacking all Financial Centers around the world, particularly the smaller ones, insisting that EACH country SIGN on the dotted line, to obey the rules they have established in Belgium for control of the money flows in the world. So much for independent nation states. They will no longer exist if your laws internally can be controlled by the OECD, or any other G 7, or G20 group out to master and control the world for their own benefit. Sovereignty and Independence are now a joke. As we found out with the banana negotiations last year. The idea we can be self sufficient and control our lives as an Independent country of BELIZE is no longer valid, if PM BARROW is forced by threats of SANCTIONS to obey the OECD, the product of the G 7 and G20 world domination scheme.
The Belize currency ( $1 Bz ) is now worth $1.10 USA. Based on DEBT TO GDP ratios. We are not sure of the exact fraction, because PM BARROW is keeping GDP ratios SECRET for fear of embarassing his political party. Even though our money is now worth more than the US dollar, it is still exchanged at an official exchange rate of $2 bz to $1 usa. Since the USA is our major trading partner.

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