Thursday, February 11, 2010


History for Belizean youth, our leaders of tomorrow.

We have to go back in history for five hundred years to understand what is happening to the small CARICOM countries. Five hundred years ago, we know that the Spanish and Portuguese set out for world conquest. Quickly followed by the other European countries. Later Russia started and if we fast forward to two hundred years ago, we come to the time of Russia, Japan and the USA starting to conquer the world and divide it up into Empires and colonies as well, in competition with the Europeans.
The major players in dividing up the world were MONARCHIES, or old time Kings and Queens. For instance a hundred and twenty years ago, we know that most of the royal families of EUROPE were ALL related to each other.
There was Russia, France, England, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and a few central European countries that have since been absorbed like Serbia. Most of the owners of these countries were hereditary bandit families ( monarchies ) and related directly, or by blood, out to relationships of second, third and fourth cousins. They owned the world. These royal families were in competition with each other to acquire more territory and subject far away indigenous peoples through invasion and conquest.
The whole IMPERIALIST ERA lasted about a hundred years and came about with the advent of superior arms and manufacturing industrial revolution capabilities. The world was divided up among them and both the USA and Japan got into the conquest and dividing up of the world.
By the end of the FIRST WORLD WAR, things started to fall apart for the ROYAL FAMILIES and monarchs. The Bolshevik revolution took over RUSSIA, the USA came to dominate much of the PACIFIC, Caribbean, Mexico and Latin America. At this time, the rise of HITLER in Germany came into play and later Japan started looking to Manchuria, China, and later the Philippines and other Pacific territories. The Royal Families were wiped out over much of the world. A few still remain today and have adjusted to maintain their status and money through various stratagems as constitutional ( hic! ) monarchs.
What we have, since the end of World War 11 and the United Nations, is a supposed end to IMPERIALISM and colonies by this new world body of the United Nations back around 1949. Most of the conquered territories around the world became independent from those old IMPERIALISTS.
Nothing though has really changed. The new WORLD ORDER fronted by the old IMPERIALIST countries are International Corporations. The so called colonies are still desired as markets for their manufactured goods and sources of raw commodities. Nor do these old IMPERIALISTS necessarily invade with an army, using tanks, airplanes, bombs, guns. The new method is puppet governments and the new model of conquest are treaties, agreements, tax exchange controls and so on.
In a new technological world, it is these same old dominant countries that control the apparatus for money control. The G-20 control the banking wire transfer system, banking and financial exchange agreements . This past week our Prime Minister Barrow of Belize had some harsh words to say about the pressure from the G-20, who threaten BELIZE with SANCTIONS, if our tiny government do not sign the TAX SHARING AGREEMENTS. Sanctions are the new sort of weapon to control the world. That and the ability to cut off trade and money exchanges and ruin local banks and small governments. The old IMPERIALISTS use contracts and agreements and treaties instead of tanks and airplanes. In a more complex world, there is little a small country like Belize can do, to retain it’s sovereign and self governing integrity. Under attack is a wide sweeping aim by the G -20, or the G-7, at wiping out all the small country FINANCIAL INDUSTRIES of small countries, that had penetrated and gotten a fair share of the FINANCIAL SERVICES WORLD MARKETS. Using computers it was an easy business to get into in this modern age. As our Prime Minister Barrow has said, they mean to wipe us out of this business, the G-20, or the G-7 and they have the control of the communications systems and financial transfer systems, to ruin our business market share. We are being dictated to, just like any old colonial country, in what we can do with our sovereignty. Sovereign and Independent – paaah! What a cruel joke!
Even our ex-Prime Minister Said Musa made excuses for why he passed rapid laws forbidding the making of competitive armament manufacturing exports out of Belize. He said, the newspapers hinted; it was because of pressure from the USA. Armaments are big exports for ALL of the old G-7 and probably the G-20.
Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela has touched a nerve with his anti-imperialistic rhetoric. If he would use his oil millions to build the democratic socialism used by successful SCANDINAVIAN countries, instead of the stupid old discredited Russian Marxist model, he would have every country in the Caribbean and Latin America joining his ALBA FEDERATION. It is only his stupidness in being a TYRANT that stops him from building a new world order to counter the G – 20, or G- 7. Nobody with any sense want the old fashioned tyranny of RUSSIA, with secret police and nobody being allow to think and talk as they want. If it wasn’t for his (Chavez) nonsense of wanting to be a life time TYRANT, or caudillo, or dictator, he would get all of the AMERICAS to join him, as his anti-Imperialistic rhetoric strikes a chord we all experience, both small and large third world countries together.
Under protest Prime Minister Barrow of Belize will sign the tax sharing agreements, the latest in a long list of imperialist colonial controls, and so sound the death knell of our offshore financial industry. We can only compliment him, on saying how he hates it, being a slave through FORCE, INTIMIDATION and THREATS.
Next target for the G -7 or 20 will be our foreign ship registration business, you just watch how these imperialists go about that. First will come the propaganda, followed by some incidents and then organized pressure and new treaties drawn up by the G-7, G-20.

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