Thursday, February 25, 2010



Business wise, Belize is starting to separate itself from Europe. The new citrus factory is now selling all the produce in juices to CARICOM and Central American countries. We still have a long way to go in value added sugar retail selling and different sugar product lines. Like sugar cubes and packaging. In the papaya and habenero pepper industries in agriculture things are looking up with exports to the USA market. Corn and red kidney beans are now exported to Central America as raw commodities and have some way to go, in the processed added value field, where the money really is. Mexico wants our meats and new changes in the way we process meat and the international health standards are being met, presumably increasing exports over time. Finished value added end products in meat products still have a long way to go though locally. Though commercial local varieties of sausages are being marketed and the chicken industry processing has the capability in finished product to export now, but so far have not done any close by marketing. Seems like most of our newer food processed marketing products will be sold either to CARICOM and the MAYAN KINGDOMS of our neighboring Central American countries. We are moving away from Europe.
Money and financial services are meeting obstacles with the new WORLD WAR by the G -7 and G-20 countries out to change and rule the world in their plans for economic colonialism. We are being attacked in Belize and other countries around here and around the world by their new attack mechanicism the OECD institute. People locally are complaining that nowadays money transfers using the banking wire transfer system no longer works and wire transfers are going missing. Particularly in larger amounts and no kind of time and energy spent trying to track down where wire transfer money disappears to seems successful. International cheques still sort of work, though they take an inordinate amount of time, and cost too much to process, tying up the money for long dormant periods. Carrying money in a bag, or suitcase, on airlines, even when you declare it, also disappears, and the newer x-ray machines are robbing suitcases that have cash in them. The fastest way to change money these days and pay bills is to have bank accounts in different countries and different currencies. The PRIVATE SECTOR money changing operations are doing well and act promptly. Places like Western Union and Money Gram. It costs a bit to use them though. Tourists are using ATM’s which seem the quickest way to get money when traveling. I’ve watched tourists do that, but never tried it myself and just wonder what it costs in fees and international rates and commissions? It works for small amounts but not in big amounts. Having bank accounts in different countries and currencies seem to me the best way to go to exchange money these days. Then a deal with somebody wishing to swap currencies at the private level. Most big corporations dealing out of Belize and politicians are transferring money by contraband couriers, using the USA dollar countries and the dollar as the International currency still. ALBA is working on a money system with their new Banco del Sur. I’m not sure anybody would trust a Communist run system of banking for transferring money though on the private level? The new grouping of Latin American and Caribbean countries are talking about setting up a common financial system to transfer money here on this continent. They like to talk a lot though and never seem to do anything? Politicians are like that I suppose?
While we need an airline hub in both Central America and Caribbean excluding North America, a recent revelation that the high price of a Belize airplane ticket, over one bought in the USA is based on an enormous local fuel surcharge. Even on planes that do not refuel in Belize. The fuel surcharge being a larger component of the ticket price locally than the actual fare. This is some kind of government tax maybe? Needs looking into, if we are going to build commercial business and tourism.
Cheaper ways of air transportation need to be found. ( Seems to be jet fuel access problem and local government taxation? ) Better ways to exchange large amounts of business money, involving different currencies, outside of the OECD control plan of World Domination and economic colonialism. We need an internal American Continent system of bank transfers, wire transfers, cash settlement systems devised and established here in the Americas, outside of the USA, Canada and Europe. That is what the new grouping now going on in CANCUN is supposed to be about, and more satellites for our own inter-american business telecommunications have to be built and invested in, by Caribbean and Latin countries. We have to grow up, unless we accept that the G-20 European and USA countries are going to continue to control us and our economies by our apathy.

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