Saturday, February 27, 2010


CARICOM LEADERS ARE SURRENDERING TO THE OECD – back to slavery again. The black leaders of CARICOM are going to give in, to the European OECD and surrender their right to be SOVEREIGN NATIONS. G – 20 THREATS, through the OECD SANCTIONS are going to do this, unless we change our various internal laws to suit them under the coercement of SANCTIONS as in WAR of an economic nature. This wiping out the CARICOM Financial Services island Industries. The thing is; that making a police state of the world is not a good idea of the G -20, no matter how they gloss it over with semantics and honeyed words. There should always be room for the individual, the person or business that marches to a different drummer. A G -20 Police State cannot be a good thing, no matter how it benefits them and not us other countries.
It is definitely WAR now and loss of SOVEREIGNTY. According to the CARICOM speaker, the war is over already, the CARICOM countries are surrendering without a murmur. Every time I wrote and re-wrote and tried to re-write this piece for the Belize Culture Listserve, online, some unknown person ( hacker ), wiped out my e-mail, half way through writing it. So I am being monitored I guess? Had to unplug my modem and disconnect from the internet and will have to save to FLASH and go to an internet CAFÉ over in Guatemala to publish it I guess? Somebody sure has my computer monitored?
BLACK CARICOM LEADERS bleat a lot like SHEEP about UNITY, STRENGTH in numbers, but when it came down to it, they announced tonight on TV that they would give up their SOVEREIGN RIGHTS to make their own laws and become SLAVE COLONIES once again under the EUROPEANS. The G 7, or G 20, OECD institute THREATENED them with SANCTIONS unless they sign away their sovereign rights, and they have caved in like cowards, or slave material. Back to being slave COLONIES of EUROPEAN COUNTRIES, without even a whimper.
Switzerland it had been announced a month or so back, they had to surrender to the OECD and change their sovereign laws, but I read recently were they have reneged on that again and gone back to their sovereign rights. Don't know the truth of the matter?
The new meeting in CANCUN this past week, between all the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean was intended to found an opposing group to the Imperialist colonialism G - 20 of Europe and North Amerida. This is called the new GROUP OF 32. G -32 of the Americas. Excluding the USA and Canada. I'm not at all sure of Mexico here, as they are signed on as quislings of the G -20 OECD?
Prime Minister Dean Barrow of Belize claims he is half Maya and half Creole. I wonder which genes are the stronger? He is supposed to meet with the Foreign Minister of Guatemala soon. Guatemala is under the same threat of SANCTIONS by the Europeans. DIVIDE AND CONQUER STILL WORKS. What we need since CARICOM has failed, is UNITY in the MAYAN KINGDOMS. Excluding MEXICO, which has joined the OECD and European new world colonialist Empire builders.
What we need is our own MAYAN KINGDOMS money, for Belize, Guatemala, Salvador and Honduras and go independent of the rest of the world, more or less. Our own joint financial system, our own money, and own Central Bank. Can we join the Mayan Kingdoms in their new borders together as one, since CARICOM has failed?
World domination and the new colonialism by the G-20 Europeans mostly, is different than the past era, prior to 1949, when all the different countries of Europe had their own world wide colonial empires competing against each other. They are still out to DOMINATE the world, but doing it jointly, which is WORLD RULE still, just that the former European enemies have joined forces to do this through; dictates, sanctions and treaty signings. Where the protection ( so-called ) of the United Nations in all this exists I don't know. Sure don't see anything happening?
ALBA FEDERATION is trying to do something about what they call the NEW IMPERIALISM. ( G - 7 group of wanna be Communist Dictator types of Presidents for Life club. ) Unfortunately while the idea is a good one, and independence and self reliance good, who would bank with a Communist regime? Back in the Spanish Civil War, when the Russian Communists were in Spain to fight the Germans testing their new war machine, prior to World War 2, STALIN offered to secure the Spanish Treasury, free of charge and the Spanish government of that time, shipped ALL THEIR NATIONAL treasury ( GOLD BULLION in those days, when paper money was backed by gold ) in ships to RUSSIA for safekeeping. They didn’t want to lose it to the FACISTS. Which was General FRANCO! Franco won the Spanish civil war, with the aid of HITLER, but STALIN was an old bank robber and later after FRANCO died, the RUSSIANS never ever returned to Spain, their National Treasury and foreign reserves ( in GOLD BULLION.) I read where old communists still laugh about the biggest bank robbery of all time, by STALIN. So no, I could not see the countries of modern Central American borders today, putting their money in a bank run by Chavez out of Venezuela, for safe keeping, IF the MAYAN KINGDOMS decided to not submit to the OECD, G -20.
There is a PRINCIPAL here. You never back down to a bully. Take a licking if you have to, but fight back. You go self reliant, even if it is a painful process. SOVEREIGNTY IS EVERYTHING for your local population, or else you are just food for the sharks of the world, to be exploited.
Obviously the announcement out of CARICOM this evening of accepting new slavery colonialism, under the Europeans makes their whole attempt at a West Indies Federation a joke! Once a slave, always a slave I guess?
Who can respect such people, who claim they are LEADERS of their Caricom countries? They can't balance their governments finances, constantly in DEBT to the international FINANCIAL SYSTEM controlled by the G -20 and OECD. Paah! If this is leadership, bravery and patriotism, then we have had different lessons in life, I guess?
( this is an OPINION PIECE! )

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