Friday, February 12, 2010

OECD countries declare WAR on BELIZE and other small countries with financial services businesses.


SANCTIONS! SANCTIONS! SANCTIONS! Our Prime Minister Barrow said some gutter language nicely, but more or less saying that the OECD countries were IMMORAL.!
We must sign against our SELF business INTEREST, a set of agreements with the OECD on tax sharing that will ruin our tax haven business and offshore financial sector. Which is the intent of course by the OECD.
Like many small countries we are a client state of the USA and the UK, who are mostly partners when it comes to economic foreign affairs. Or militarily for that matter.
This is more than bullying. It is not about diplomacy, reason and logic as Socrates would use to settle differences. It is pure FORCE! The weapon is SANCTIONS in the new Imperialism and the OECD is dominated by the old IMPERIALIST COUNTRIES. So much for our so called SOVEREIGNTY AND INDEPENDENCE in Belize guaranteed once by the United Nations. If we cannot make our own laws for our own economic business self interest, then the OLD IMPERIALISTS, using the NEW IMPERIALISM as Chavez of Veneuzela calls it, makes our sovereignty a mockery. We are nothing more than a colony once again. Guatemala too, say the OECD IMPERIALISTS.
As Chavez would say, this is THE NEW IMPERIALISM and sanctions are akin to a town in feudal times being surrounded by an army and starved into submission and surrender. Belize is surrounded. We have no choice, as the OECD war on tiny Belize is unremitting. The rape of our women and young girls will commmence.
Vulnerable, if we defy the OECD, are our banks and ability to complete transactions worldwide, through the established wire transfer and bank settlement protocols. The OECD have us by the short hairs and intend to starve us into submission to their overlordship.
Alba Federation of the Americas just launched their own money and banking initiative to counter the NEW IMPERIALISM as Chavez calls it. Chavez is not so crazy after all, as we are finding out. Unfortunately the new BANCO DEL SUR has no track record. Plus the ALBA FEDERATION is an imperialist federation of it's own. The requirements to join are not FREE. You must surrender your foreign policy to the collectivo. Between a rock and a hard place in Belize, we must surrender our Financial Industry to the OECD country war mongers and pay tribute. The OECD countries are going to rape our women basically. They would have us go back to the primitive dark ages.

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