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Auxillou family history details.

Most Auxillou´s originated from Castlenau dÁude, a village of 450 pop., near Carcassone the town.

Francois Auxillou 1495
Jeane Antoinette Auxillou 1689 ( Carcassonne )
Jacques Auxillou, married in LAURA 1695
Rose Auxillou born to the Father Pierre Auxillou and mother Marie, Sept. 11, 1700
Auxillou marries daughter of Jospeh Berger and Anne 1755 ( child arranged marriages back in the 1700´s by parents )
Auxillou marries daughter of John and Jane Burges 1763
Auxillou sone of William and Mary Shepher Touret 1766
Margarite Auxillou born 14 April, 1777
Marie Pascale Auxillou, born 19 April 1778
Marie Rose Auxillou, 18 March 1783
Marie Auxillou, born 27 Nov. 1787
Elizabet Auxillou, born 10 December, 1804
Marie Elizabeth Auxillou, 3, December 1808
Jeanne Elizabeth Auxillou, 31 August, 1810
Marie Rose Auxillou, 31 August 1810
Boissezon Auxillou,1829
Most of this must have been the time of the FRENCH REVOLUTION and NAPOLEONIC WARS.
Louis Auxillou 1890 - ( Bouches du Rhone, Marseille,- 1914, died at Battle of Somme, name on WW1 monument in town of Carcassone, Southern France.
Pierre Auxillou 1896

AUXILLOU´s started to spread out around the world from here on.
**Caye Caulker became the NEW home ancestral village of the Auxillou family, 50 years ago, about 1960.

** some Auxillou family condos on the beach of Caye Caulker, built and owned by my four daughters. They have other units elsewhere.

Raymond Auxillou Sr. died in Canada at age 83 yrs. Born in London, UK. Son of Louis Auxillou a Frenchman.
Raymond Auxillou Jr., born in London, UK, 1937 - currently living at 74 yrs in Belize, Central America. Son of Raymond Auxillou Sr.
Louise Auxillou born 1946, Schonbrun Palace, Vienna, Austria ( British military occupation of Vienna Zone )
Annette Auxillou, born 1946,Schonburn Palace, Vienna, Austria, (British Military occupation Zone )
Stephen Auxillou born in Canada 1957, died in 1989 Vancouver, Canada. Son of Ray Auxillou Jr.
Mark Auxillou born in Canada, Son of Ray Auxillou Jr. 1959
Sharon Auxillou born in the village of Caye Caulker, Belize, Central America. Daughter of Ray Auxillou Jr. 1964
Wendy Auxillou born in Caye Caulker, Belize. Daughter of Ray Auxillou Jr. 1965
Diane Auxillou born in Caye Caulker, Belize. Daughter of Ray Auxillou Jr. 1966
Tina Auxillou born in Caye Caulker, Belize. Daughter of Ray Auxillou Jr. 1968
Isabella Auxillou, London, Ontario, Canada, Daughter of Steve Auxillou. 1975
Tamara Auxillou, daughter of Mark Auxillou 1989
Kathleen Auxillou, daughter of Mark Auxillou

Castelnau - D'Aude, Aude, France seems to have been the main concentration of AUXILLOU´s in the Pyrenees mountains and Carcassonne the main town. Also in the town of Carcassone there have been Auxillou´s for centuries.

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