Thursday, October 6, 2011

PM infers " like it or lump it" We will not change the system.

Prime Minister, or El Caudillo in Spanish, Dean Barrow the gang boss of the UDP.


It is not that the UDP CABINET is dull witted. Upon the contrary there are some brilliant men among them. Nor are they on the whole, bad men, several lead quite blameless domestic lives and are remarkably fond of children, music, dogs, and the arts. Yet the reputation of the Cabinet suffers from taints of corruption. Were it not for the masterful leadership of the non-elected Prime Minister, ( by the majority of citizens of the nation ) most refer to as El Caudillo, a sort of Mafia Gang boss of his Capos as Cabinet members, whose job is to rubber stamp his ideas in the soap opera atmosphere of an imitation parliament charade, it would be almost impossible to get any real business done to make Belize a more inclusive and participatory democracy.
The Prime Minister as his glorious title shows, with impressive majesty of pomp and circumstance, is noted as a peerless orator. No matter how the Government stands in estimation of at least half the population, who did not elect him ( he is appointed by the Queens representative – he is not elected by popular vote), makes speeches that resound with how different everything seems, when he speaks of the glories of his administration. He clearly points out, that everything BAD that happens is the fault of the previous administration ( an evil set of men, who despoiled the nation to make them and their supporters of their gang rich, at the expense of the national tax treasury.) As for his speeches, there is not anyone more honest, virtuous, so misunderstood and so horribly misrepresented by his enemies. If one were to believe the orations, his UDP are as wise as Solomon, as noble as Caesar and as courageous as Mark Anthony. Indeed as Finance Minister in charge of our debts and tax revenues, no one in the world would so much resemble Socrates in honesty, than the gang leader ( Prime Minister/Finance Minister ) himself.
One could liken Belize to an orphaned young lady left in the care of politicians who were more a pack of lecherous avaricious men. These scoundrels , far from offering the young lady protection from the wicked world, are stealing her inheritance, selling the clothes in her closets, giving the furniture in her house to their own relatives and plundering the country through lack of laws, due to a motto and creed that says, a political gang in charge of the nation of Belize, have the right to the political spoils system. Passing laws that advance their gang interests, but not one iota passing laws to make politicians accountable to the citizens at large. The Prime Minister himself has said it sincerely and frankly on tv; if it were not for the rewards of the SPOILS system, running for politics and management of this nation of ours, would not be worth the effort. Or words to that effect. Now that of course is an HONEST utterance.
The inference of course, “like it or lump it! “ That’s the way it is and we are not going to change it.

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