Friday, October 28, 2011

World Trade Organization review, professes not to understand BRIBERY in BELIZE?

USA questions the practise of Belize in arbitrary, tariff and import licensing system and non-transparent way of controlling trade with the outside world, using permits and licenses.

I wonder what they don´t understand? You pay a BRIBE to get what you want. Simple as that. It is covered in law, by Constitutional paragraphs, called MINISTER´S DISCRETION. This is considered by our two major political parties as a PERK, to steal a business, or get rich off semi-sophisticated BRIBES, using cutouts. There shouldn´t be any difficulty for a smart country like the USA, or the World Trade Organization, understanding that if you do BRIBERY with politicians as Cabinet Ministers, in a certain way, so it cannot be prosecuted in law, that this corruption is considered a RIGHT OF POLITICAL OFFICE ENRICHMENT PERKS. Whats to understand?

"WTO Review of trade practices by Belize, would highlight, too, U.S. concerns about Belize's main border protection tools, in particular its tariffs and its non-automatic import licensing system which it applies mainly to agricultural products and processed foods. We are concerned not only as a matter of our own self-interest, but especially as a matter for Belize's trade and development objectives. We would urge Belize to consider that the significant binding overhang between applied and bound tariffs, as well as the apparently arbitrary and non-transparent nature of the licensing system, make Belize's trading regime, as the Secretariat states, "less predictable". These policies also have consequences for the domestic manufacturing industries that require access to available or affordable inputs for competitive production."

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