Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Belize population need to eat one egg a day, to keep the doctor away!

Belizeans need to eat an egg a day, to keep the doctor away.

The egg is quoted by those who should know, as being the PERFECT FOOD. The MIRACLE FOOD. The egg contains not only protein, but many fancy stuff, whose names I cannot pronounce, besides vitamins.
In Belize, we eat only 130 eggs per person on average per year. Whereas in Mexico they eat 400 eggs a year per person. I believe the the USA eats about 250 eggs per person per year.
The health authorities say that; an egg a day, eaten by children in Belize, would be a godsend to better health. Hardboiled, softboiled, or as an omelet with vegetables. So Belizeans should eat four times what they are currently eating in eggs per year.
Acting on this information from a TV talk show in Belize, I immediately went and bought a dozen eggs and hard boiled half a dozen eggs and put them in the refrigerator, for snacks, or meals.

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