Wednesday, October 12, 2011


*** EX wife of Prime Minister on lucrative BTL BOARD of DIRECTORS since nationalization.
Head Pirate under the British political SPOILS SYSTEM of exploitation. PM Dean Barrow of Belize


Some neighbors at the local grocery store, were kibitzing with me about BTL and internet costs.
We don´t have a cracker barrel, or wood stove to sit around, but do much the same under a tree, on wood benches, with chickens and dogs rooting around and taking part, as customers come and go.

I was asked if my internet speed got cut by half price as said in a speech by the Prime Minister. I explained to them, the PM´s speech was twisty. What he is offering is 128 kbps, the same as SMART, a slow speed delayed type internet, at the same rate of $49, or $50 if you round it out. What I have is SMART at $50 as a standbye and haven´t used it for many months. Still, it is there if I need it, for my business as backup. The BTL internet service I have, they call it HIGH SPEED, which is something like 256 kbps or something like that, for $122 a month, by the time the Government taxes it. It is still slow, but a lot better than the SLOWER type cheaper service.
In ICELAND a country with the same size population as Belize, they get 12 megabytes for $25 usa. BIG DIFFERENCE. But then ICELAND is orientated to foreign exports and business.
To make it worse, I got a phone call from MIAMI, FLORIDA this morning and was asked to phone back, as it may be cheaper for me to phone Miami, than somebody in Miami to phone me. They said they were paying .55 cents USA per minute to connect to Belize. In this telecommunications racket, it is the incoming calls in foreign exchange which are overcharged. ASHCROFT got his big profits that way. Seems the GOVERNMENT of the DAY, the UDP under BARROW, are WORSE than ASHCROFT apparently? Don´t remember the incoming foreign call rate ASHCROFT charged, but it was very high we thought at the time. Seems like our GOVERNMENT are pulling the same money making SCAM, or might even be charging more?
Considering the BARROW government has loaded the BOARD OF DIRECTORS of BTL, with party insiders and relatives, as per the BRITISH PIRATE POLITICAL SPOILS SYSTEM, BTL is seemingly a cash cow for the UDP gang of pirates in government. So much for lower rates for Belize citizens?

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Jimmy said...

Government is overrated. Not expecting anything different, actually.

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