Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Statistical Unit of Belize in distress?

*** DEAN BARROW, Minister of Finance, getting old. FAILING IN HIS JOB? Can´t seem to multi-task like he used to do when he was younger? Happens to all of us, I guess.


I have an enquiry into the Statistical Unit of Belize for figures on importation of string materials used for making hammocks. They have not answered yet. So I took time to peruse the internet on things Government of Belize. Couldn´t find anything there either. Startling was that the most recent figures posted on the Statistical Unit of Belize, was for 2009 and here we are going into 2012. In a time of computers and programs that give you updates daily, what is the problem?
They have problems performing at the Statistical Unit of Belize obviously? The Cabinet need to look at it. As this is a management issue. I think under the portfolio of Dean Barrow, Finance Minister? Dean Barrow is so immersed in his constitutional legal issues, he is not performing in his other areas, for which he wears the hat of responsibility and is collecting a salary.

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