Sunday, October 9, 2011

Belize, BILL to require imported processed food, containing GMO altering, to be labeled?


It is required for customer information, that any processed food containing GMO altered product, be so labelled. After that it is the customer´s choice. Bill Holly reported it only took a few years for food imports from the USA to drop near zero to the EU countries.

From the Belize listserve debating forum:

The GMO question has both for and against opinions.

To my mind, I get very nervous with the idea you can change the genes in a vegetable, like corn, so that each cell in that vegetable contains an insecticide produced by the plant genetically modified genes by transplanting genes from plants that produce insecticides that kill insects.
The idea that I can eat a corn based finished product of imported commercial food, and know that I am eating insecticide in quantities deadly to insects, fills me with horror.
I´m not a scientist in that field, just an ordinary lay person. But I just wonder if a person commits suicide in Belize by drinking paraquat by the pint, then how much processed food from corn do I have to eat to damage my internal organs and make my life shorter, or make myself sick? Is such insecticide in the plant cells cumulative?
There is the question; is GMO corn products like corn flakes, sufficient to make you eventually ten years later sick, and how much do I have to eat for how long, before I get sick? The idea that 80% of the corn grown in the USA is touted as GMO corn, makes me wonder what controls our government has, on importations of processed and packaged foods in Belize from the USA? Is it in our public interest to know these things?

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