Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Belize seeks nylon, shrimp bag line in bright colors for entrepreneurial hammock making business.

I had a young man from Benque Viejo email me, said he had read my BLOG and he was interested in making hammocks as an entrepreneurial business. Said there were skilled hammock makers in Benque. Had to tell him, I do not have a source of nylon line, sorry!

I had paid for and ordered a shipment from China, over a year ago, but it never arrived.

I´m thinking if I could get the FISHING NET places that make shrimp nets, that might have that, in different bright colors in the USA, it might work?

Anybody know of a source on the Gulf Coast? Need colors and prices. Don´t know how they measure the string diameter on a shrimp net catch bag?

Appreciate some help for prices and a source if anybody up there could help.

I have a market for 50 a month, a distributor in the USA says.

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