Sunday, October 23, 2011

Belize parliament a SOAP OPERA instead of tending to business and development.


Well last Friday´s HOUSE sitting of the parliament was a completion for the Prime Minister in amending through a BILL that was passed, to legalize constitutionally, the EXPROPRIATION OF BTL, the telecommunications company. Which the courts rejected as to legality was my understanding, and he had to resort to FORCE and the POINT OF A GUN. While the new BILL and Amendment, covers the PRIME MINISTER´S illegal acts and satisfies him, the rest of us nationwide in the rural parts, are wondering when this UDP government are going to tend to the business of building our economy and nation?
I was looking for the reading of the approval of the by-laws for the Placentia town council, sitting in limbo by lazy politicians, which by-laws are reported to have been gathering dust on the limbo shelves, since 2003. Heaven only knows how many other local governments are waiting for the political cabinet and bureaucracy teams to do their jobs, for which they collect salaries. At any rate, nothing happened once again in the Friday, weekly sitting of Parliament.

Said Musa and Francis Fonseca did their jobs in OPPOSITION well and spoke out against the expropriation amendment, called Nationalization by the Prime Minister. I suppose there are legal reasons, this amateur does not understand, and consequences between labeling something Nationalization versus EXPROPRIATION? I was disappointed that neither Opposition member asked the Prime Minister; WHAT PROGRESS IS BEING MADE ON PASSING THE TOWN COUNCIL OF PLACENTIA BYLAWS? Or even asking how many other such communities are stagnating the same way, due to lack of work by our politicians and bureaucracy. Shameful thing this!

That said; there are two weeks left and two more Friday parliament meetings when the matter can be raised, at the end of which if nothing is done. We will deduct a monthly 5 points from their approval rating report card, for failure to earn their salaries.

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