Sunday, October 2, 2011

UDP Government of Belize approval rating drops to 26%.

*** Shunned and ostracized, lawyer Marcel Cardomo, believed to be one of only TWO honest UDP party members. He plays no part in government, as under the leadership of his GODFATHER in the UDP, Dean Barrow, supported by the rest of the gang of sycophants, he has been exiled away from any functioning role in the Government of Belize, as an elected representative.
** Dean Barrow, Don of Dons of the UDP MAFIA gang ruling Belize. In the charade and jargon of parliamentary democracy he carries the title of PRIME MINISTER. The leader is not a POPULARLY ELECTED PRIME MINISTER. Under the charade of governing system we use in Belize, he is appointed by the QUEEN´s representative, based on approval in turn by the mafia gang members and their associates and card carrying members. I stress the point, he IS NOT A POPULAR ELECTED HEAD OF GOVERNMENT IN OUR SYSTEM IN BELIZE. He is a gang chieftan and usually half the voters of the country do not want him, or are served by is gang when they control the government of for five years.
*** Foreign Minister of Belize, Elrington, one of two believed HONEST UDP MAFIA RULING CAPOS of the gang ruling Belize.

New Score 26%

The FIRST QUARTER, or 3 MONTHS has passed on a one year trial, to see if the UDP Government are anything but a SPOILS ORIENTATED ordinary pirate gang of OPPORTUNISTS AND CRIMINALS, typical political party gang for an elected five years. They are graded each quarter and this first quarter has expired with no improvements in making Belize a better democracy.

The GOAL is to see if any of them have leadership, OTHER THAN getting rich off government service and the SPOILS SYSTEM of political administration.

Interestingly enough, two UDP members have so far distanced themselves from the rest of the political party mafia, as to HONESTY. QUEER as it may seem, both are lawyers. ELRINGTON who is Foreign Minister in the Cabinet, was one such member and has told the media in interviews quite plainly, there will be no change to make a PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY of BELIZE, ( from the pirate mafia SPOILS SYSTEM ), unless the public takes to the streets in parades and mass protests, DEMANDING FUNDAMENTAL CHANGES to the laws of Belize, against his UDP government. As in like the ARAB SPRING democracy movements! The other believed HONEST UDP party member is MARCEL CARDOMO, who has been ostracized and quasi evicted, or SHUNNED like the Mennonites do, for a UDP gang member who does not obey the gang mafia rules, he has been evicted by his PIRATE CHIEFTAN, DEAN BARROW, who has the sham title of PRIME MINISTER in this sort of ELECTED DICTATORSHIP in Belize. The title EL CAUDILLO in Spanish more fits the actions of this gang leader running the country, or STRONG MAN dictator. The rest of the GANG of OPPORTUNISTS AND CRIMINALS have produced several OKAY type, ordinary functioning DEPARTMENTAL MINISTERS operating their assigned portfolios adequately enough. Seperately, they the CABINET MEMBERS, or ruling CAPOS in mafia parlance, have earned points for their administrative performance for the gang. But anybody so elected is supposed to work like they have done! That is what they get paid for, with many, many, luxuries and perks from holding elected office. When they do their jobs properly, they earn points on the governing report card.
What this excercise is about for one year, is to delete BAD LAWS from the LAWS OF BELIZE, cleaning up the rules on how we are governed. This one year project is also to see if we can seperate where their true colors, or characters lie, by gang member individuals. WILL THEY IMPROVE BELIZE WITH GANG VOTES, in order to put new LAWS on the books, to make Belize a more FAIR, HONEST and FUNCTIONAL PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY. Are they patriotic, or just ordinary mortals, pirates plundering the treasury for all they can get? So far, only two UDP mafia gang members pass the test, during the first 3 months of this 1 year trial. Which is better than the previous PUP administration, who were perceived and judged to be all crooks.
The mafia gang leader, DEAN BARROW, in the charade that passes for our rubber stamp, parliamentary system, has spoken plainly to the media and makes no bones about it on TV. He is in it for the money and has indicated it his right in OUR SPOILS ORIENTATED POLITICAL CONSTITUTIONAL SYSTEM. The media stress the NEPOTISM and family members reaping financial rewards as his most glaring fault. Other than that he is an astute, successful, politician, well able to talk for hours and leave the impression, that he is GOD´s GIFT to Belize, after a disastrous two previous terms by the even more corrupt PUP. Administratively his ability to do a job as administrator of government functions has turned out alright, if one judges by the financial problems caused by the previous political administration. He has also controlled his CAPOS ( gang Cabinet Members )who run the country of Belize, for the most part, and they are AFRAID of him, he controls them utterly by the SPOILS SYSTEM of rewards and threats of loss of FACE, REPUTATION and mostly income flows from the TREASURY revenues. Some of them, many in fact, are as the media TV describe, " light weights ", simply followers of little or no ability, who are totally brown nosers, or boot lickers, or in more polite terms, just YES MEN, sycophants, not want to lose their rewards and perks. A few of the GANG CAPOS ( Cabinet members in the jargon of our government charade ) have reasonable ADMINISTRATIVE ABILITY and it is a pleasure to hear them describe their job functions, the job problems they face and decisions made to solve them. I can certainly appreciate their work. Most though, are as the media often describe in polite terms, just DUDS.
At heart of this one year excercise is to see if THEY the UDP as a MAFIA, party SPOILS GANG, will change to a patriotic party and build our democracy and make it more honest, and participatory for the public. Lots of the activists and thinkers in society have offered many insightful laws that should be deleted and others that should be made ( such as a NO CONFIDENCE VOTE and new elections, as practiced in some other working real democracies. ) There are a lot of activists and bright people in the country, wanting to make BELIZE A shining democracy. They have been THWARTED for 40 years by the SPOILS SYSTEM. In New York City, the mafia are infamous for being an underground government, in BELIZE, they are THE GOVERNMENT and legal and as our esteemed elected DICTATOR says, his POLITICAL SPOILS SYSTEM is what makes party politics in Belize worth chasing. ( for him; which says oodles about his values and character, depending on where your own value system lies ) Neither of the two political parties in Belize I believe ( wish to change the system ). However, it will be interesting to see what another 9 months of this public debate, will reveal.
So the APPROVAL RATING FOR THE UDP IS NOW 26% and going down.

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