Tuesday, October 4, 2011


THE BUSINESS TRUST NGO seems to be making a fundamental mistake?

Watched an interesting talk show on local TV last night. Interviewed was a lady from the Youth Business Trust NGO, which gives loans to entrepreneurs. They have a program where they give loans to young first time start ups with an entrepreneurial idea. There was a statistical lament, that 80% of the loan borrowers do not finish paying off their loans, when they give up in failure. The Business Trust seemed to be aware that first time entrepreneurs will fail. They said they want to keep them in the program, so they can learn from their mistakes and start a new idea. However, they need the money back as they need the money to lend to others.
The FUNDAMENTAL MISTAKE as I see it, is that entrepreneurial first time start ups, will bankrupt most of the time. It is a slow learning process of trial and error. Once the business lessons are learned though, you can start up new businesses at a drop of a hat. The first time entepreneurial start up, needs to have SAVINGS. If they cannot begin to SAVE, then they are incapable of running a first time startup business. To seperate the sheep from the goats you need, those SAVINGS, or financial SAVINGS from contributions from family and friends, or from your own work.
The lady said they give them a mentor, and a 6 week program on how to start their business and how to run it. Not sure that will work, statistically it doesn´t according to them. Might help, but knowing how to postpone immediate gratification and learning to SAVE is probably the most important FIRST TIME LESSON you have to learn of all. ( in my opinion )

I would like to see the BUSINESS TRUST NGO give an AWARD to the CUBAN that has been producing 18 gallons of diesel ( government source ) per day, for two years, using a seperation column, to seperate by specific gravity, 18 gallons of diesel a day, from crude oil. Recently in the news, with institutional bureaucrats crowding around like vultures, pecking over what is now a DEAD and dying successful entepreneurial enterprise. Killed by the bureaucrats. Bureaucrats can always find reasons, rules and laws to shut down anything. In Belize, with little to do in that realm, they always never fail to fill the airwaves with bureaucratic nonsense. This small home diesel seperation tower at 18 gallons a day, could support one tractor and a truck, on a small 30 acre cane farm. Say you save $4 bz. a gallon in costs, over buying from a gas station. You would earn $72 per day. Pay yourself $50 Bz a day and use the rest for running operational costs and equipment maintainance, this was obviously a small back yard farm going concern.
Belize needs entrepreneurs like this. Perhaps one day this guy would expand from 18 gallons of diesel a day, to a bigger refinery making 5000 gallons a day? From small seeds big trees grow. On the scale of what is good for the country of Belize, we need successful beginning entrepreneurs like this. We need such entrepreneurs, MORE, than we need another graduating University class of useless educated academics looking for salaried bureaucratic jobs with government. ONE ENTREPRENEUR like this CUBAN is worth 500 UNIVERSITY GRADUATES of the University of Belize, looking for salaried jobs. I hope the BUSINESS TRUST has a ceremony AWARDING this successful entrepreneur ( two years success ) in recognition of his services to the country of Belize. Such accomplishments are very RARE here!
In the meantime, on the listserves around Belize, farmers producing 20 gallons of wine from fruit from their trees, are now shutting down their home made wine operations, in fear of the bureaucrats. We are going to have a homemade wine shortage in FEAR of the bureaucracy with their heavy penalties and fines. How can you build a country with this kind of heavy handed stuff?

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