Thursday, October 20, 2011



1) Most importantly for bringing the plague of drug activity and addiction of many Belizeans to drugs that effect the quality of life. Belize between the South American drug growing countries and the USA, the major DEMAND based drug based culture, has caused local crime rates in Belize to spiral, due to the spillover effect of this USA illicit drug transportation importing activity. The USA needs to do more to get their illegal drug activity under control. The effects on Belize are very BAD. Compensation should be in the $1 billion a year range for the innocent, collateral damage to the small nation caused by USA illegal drug importation and consumption activities.

2) Item two for BLACKLISTING the USA: is the practice of deporting former Belizeans from the USA, who have been attending the CRIMINAL COLLEGES in the STATE and FEDERAL PRISON SYSTEMS IN THE USA. Particularly the importation into Belize the GANG EXPERIENCES and KNOWLEDGE of gang systems like the CRIPS & THE BLOODS. This has caused a distorted effect and destroyed the peace and quiet of sections of the small nation, with violence, robberies and murders, using criminal methods learned in the USA jail system. The USA should house ( cage them ) these violent individuals of Belizean immigrant status in the USA, or put them to death. But do not send them back to Belize. We do not want them! The lessons and culture they have learned is destroying our peaceful society.

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Tershia said...

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!!