Saturday, June 13, 2009

BLISTERING ATTACK ON CARICOM, to get Caricom leaders to put up, or shut up!


Caribbean countries are tired of the hoopla and propoganda from Caricom Leaders. It is all smoke and mirrors they write. Writers quoted on Caribbean Net News are calling for REAL ACTION to intergrate CARICOM, or break the system up after over 47 years of baloney.
One of the calls for action, is for internal airline transportation. CARICOM AIRLINES venture that was put on a, more or less permanent hold, by the AUXILLOU TOURIST GROUP of Belize earlier this year, after a feasability study costing $100,000 usa in private venture funds. Ray Auxillou, Chairman of the joint venture, said they lost interest for lack of interest by their own Belize Government, or any Caricom country government, for that matter.
"We were looking for $25 million USA of start up capital, for about a 20% share in the new companies", said Mr. Auxillou. "Failing that, we were not interested, because it is a risky start up and impossible to even consider otherwise, even though we got plenty of LOAN interest from banking organizations. Loans are not the way to go in some sort of private sector CARICOM AIRLINES internal transportation system, in our view. Would we try it again? Given the CARICOM countries, buying a combined stake with $25 usa million for 20% of the shares, we would reconsider. Otherwise forget it! We don't even know if the initial aircraft we planned to buy is even available anymore? I imagine it is in Denmark now, or someplace in Europe. We had it here for the AIRCRAFT FLY IN, back in the Spring, at Central Farm Airstrip in Belize. To show the First Secretary of Venezuela's Embassy, to do with an offer they requested for ALBA BANK. The guy never even showed up."

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