Friday, June 12, 2009

SWISS and GERMAN couple stay at Falconview Backpackers Adventure Hostel

* Patricia and Marcus - GOOD LUCK TO THEM!
* Swiss German Patricia Degen driving the side car German motorcycle
* Marcus Jacob German in the sidecar.

This couple have an interesting story. They have been on the road around the world exploring for 18 months. They had even helicoptered into the wild mountains last July of the Russian KAMCHATKA Peninsular. A notoriously forbidden terrain with wild Siberian climate and rugged mountains. They took 40 days to hike out to civilization. Recently they flew into San Francisco California from India. They had explored the Indian continent and climbed mountains in Nepal over 16,000 feet. It gets really hard to breathe up that high alone, never mind carrying backpacks. In California they bought this 2005 German sidecar motorcycle and are on their way through Central America and South America ending up they hope in Brazil eventually. I hadn't seen a motorcyle like this since World War 2. Here in Western Belize they went to the ATM cave trip and are now going to stay with some German speaking old style, survivalist type Mennonites in Barton Creek.

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patmac said...

Dear Falconview :)
Thanks a lot for your post and much more for your tipp to visit Lago de Atitlan. It´s great here, we like it a lot :) A lot of greetings from Guatemala Patricia and Marcus
PS. We did not find your email address...