Sunday, June 28, 2009


Ex-President Zalaya of Honduras now in Costa Rica in exile. He was kicked out of the country by order of the Supreme Court and Congress of Honduras for trying to change the Constitution of Honduras to permit himself to become President for Life ( a Tyrant ).



( Ray Auxillou , Belize Falconview News, June, 2009 )

It is strange to hear that the unilateral Coup d’etat in Honduras being created by ex-President Zelaya was thwarted by the judicial branch and the military, which acts as the Federal Police Force in that country. According to the stories on the news and interviews. President Zalaya was attempting a constitutional coup in Honduras , by circumventing the Congress, Executive and Legislative branches in regards to an on going program, allegedly devised and formented by Hugo Chavez in Venezuela .

A judge of the judicial branch was being interviewed on Honduras television and confirmed that President Zelaya was arrested and deported by the military, according to an arrest order issued by the Supreme Court, judicial branch. President Zelaya was deported by military aircraft to Costa Rica , which has accepted his entry into exile.

Zelaya was attempting a similar take over coup of the Honduras government, similar to what Chavez has done in Venezuela . The current step that roused the fury of the legislative and judicial branch in Honduras was that he unilaterally was holding a referendum to change the constitution of Honduras without approval of Congress. The referendum was thwarted by the military, on orders of the judiciary. The straw that broke the camels back, so to speak was that President Zalaya appointed a Coordinator Popular, or a popular coordinator in the middle of Friday night, after midnight, to circumvent the prerogatives of elected government, as in a democracy. This is in line with the current leftist Presidents in the Americas, forming totalitarian states, using the elected party political process to get into office and then subverting the government by steady political incremental changes in a slow coup d’etat to become lifetime TYRANTS.

There was no military coup d’etat said the Judge or female spokesperson this Sunday morning in a television interview, but only the rest of the pillars of government protecting Congress and the Constitution. President Zelaya wanted to change the Constitution so that he could run for more than one term of office. The Supreme Court acted to arrest Zelaya, since he committed the crimes of violating the Honduras Constitution in his ambition to become TYRANT( President for life ) of Honduras .

Zelaya led Honduras into strong ties with the leftist IRON CURTAIN of newly minted seven, PRESIDENTS FOR LIFE descending over Latin American , TYRANTS club, for totalitarian states in the Americas . The so called ALBA BLOCK of countries. Zelaya was attempting to consolidate rapidly his hold on the organs of government and the Judge of the judicial branch, or Vice President of Congress, Maria Villedi said; there were contingents of Nicaraguan, Venezuelan and Cuban agent provocateurs inside Honduras , trying to destabilize the democratic functioning of the government of Honduras .

The female Vice President of the Honduras Congress said: that the world should know, that in Honduras there was no Military Coup d’etat and even as we speak, the Honduras Congress has been recalled into session on this Sunday. Democracy is well in hand. She also said that the President of the Senate also becomes now the President of Honduras, by constitutional law. Zelaya had submitted a letter of resignation to the Congress signed in front of the media as witnesses. Congress and Zelaya had been at odds for a month in dialogues refusing him permission to take the unilateral actions he wanted to take, which his Honduras Congress told him were in violation of the Honduras Constitution. He refused to obey Congress and committed illegal acts. When the media interviewed his wife, Mrs. Zelaya admitted her husband wanted to be PRESIDENT FOR LIFE, or a TYRANT on the model of Fidel Castro, or Hugo Chavez.

This was a legal arrest and deportation and the military acted on the arrest order of the judicial branch ( Supreme Court ) of the Honduran government. Ex-President Zalaya was guilty of circumventing the lawful rights of the elected representatives in Congress, in his own ongoing coup attempt. In the REPUBLICAN system of governing, a sitting President has a lot of power, but in this case, the military and the legislative branch refused to obey his constitutionally illegal actions. They would not agree as a Congress in what he wanted to do, to change the Constitution of Honduras permitting him to be President for Life.

In Belize here, we do not have the Constitutional law that one political Prime Minister of one party, cannot be re-elected to continuous terms. This can prove disastrous as many African countries have shown, that once belonged to the British Commonwealth . Perhaps we should have it, that a political party cannot go more than one term in office in Belize , and that term reduced to three years and campaigning for office not be allowed for more than three months, instead of the full year currently in practice in Belize ? There is too much wastage in our own Belize political system.

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