Thursday, June 18, 2009


UDP party leader and Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow
Opposition party Leader, PUP Johnny Briceno


The UDP report card, or approval rating jumped up 1% on Thursday June 18th, 2009, from a low of 38% to 39%. The approval rating from Western Belize was based on two interviews found on Cable Television Belize stations of Prime Minister Barrow, answering media questions on two crisis in government. One was to do with the improper dismal of a senior administrator by the KMH Board and the second part of that was the allegations that the purchasing agent for KMH were not buying from the cheapest bidder for medical drugs, when shortages developed in the hospital and they had to go outside in a hurry to buy short medical supplies. The Prime Minister took the time to explain in more detail than usual, the process involved with the decision making and kept the public in the loop. The second crisis, were public complaints about a tax policy to do with assessing Casino profits. Both explanations were clear and rational and showed the taxpayers the reasons how such decision making was made. Both explanations were acceptable. Sadly, the cable tv network lost all the Belize channels in mid, transmission during the morning interviews with the Prime Minister, when we were watching early morning, before we started our day’s chores on Thursday. If there was anything else in political news, we missed it. Only Plus TV managed to stay on the air, but they were covering a replay of their Wednesday evening news broadcast.
The OPPOSITION LEADER of the other major party, the PUP leader Johnny Briceno also was televised in a public speech and cross questioning. The speech was pretty good and since it was the opposition voice, dwelt on the mistakes that are perceived to be making by the UDP government of Prime Minister Barrow. Most of what Briceno said we accepted as true! The answers to questions were pretty good also and the PUP new leader, BRICENO gets high marks for having his thoughts organized in order, to satisfy public curiousity. The Belize Times the party rag however, continues with inflammatory articles, that one has to take with a bag of salt.
The THIRD PARTY, the VIP have been absent from interviewing and still lack political national party organization and at the current rate, or lack of party political development, are still not seen as a viable alternative in the coming elections in three years.

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