Monday, June 8, 2009


Watermelons for $40 Bz each.

The price of watermelons is ridiculous, or I am outdated? They wanted $40 bz for a watermelon at the market. Some of them were like $27 the smaller ones. I can't believe it? I used to buy watermelons by the truck load ( .50 cents each ) when they were out of season in Belize, over in Honduras and bring them across on the boat and sell them along the coastal villages back in the 1970's for $3 each. I thought I made out like a bandit. Even drug smugglers don't make that kind of profit. I used to grow them by the house when teaching school on Caye Caulker back in the 1960's under the coconut trees in my yard. I had so many I ended up giving most of them away to my neighbors. Some small entrepreneurial farmer is missing out here big time. Where are those guys in Belize City the port bellyaching about no jobs in Belize? Something wrong somewhere here?

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