Sunday, June 21, 2009


Iran protests over election results.


BY Ray Auxillou, June 21, 2009

The turmoil in the Iranian elections does not seem to effect Belize in anyway. We have to put things in perspective. Belize produces about 3000 gallons of oil per day and Iran produces about 4 million barrels of oil per day. In the third world war for this century, most of the battles are about energy in this third World War, and oil of course tops the security issues. All the countries of the world want to guarantee their oil supplies. The world remains oil driven.
As to the inside turmoil in Iran, as the Religious State leader explained: if there was a few hundred thousand votes difference in the election results, complaints of ballot rigging could be entertained. Presuming any occurred. In fact the difference in the election between the incumbent and the opposition was over 11 million votes. There is no way you can rig that differential. I tend to agree with this. The election of course was rigged in one way and that was in campaigning, as the government finances and resources were used to propel the incumbent into office, while the opposition were fighting against all kinds of restrictions. The same occurs in Belize elections, so there is not much Belizeans can say about that.
While the USA is thrown out as a red herring, to those suspicious of Western secular views for interference. OBAMA has quite rightly explained that both Presidential contenders in Iran are hard line religious state types and the USA will work with either one and does not expect much in the way of differences. The election after turmoil, seems to be more about a new generation of young people in their 20’s and 30’s champing at the bit for more freedoms and less restrictions from religious state rule. They have grown up since the Islamic revolution overthrew the Shah. They probably would like to go secular like Belize? We have to remember though, that Belize has been ruled pretty much behind the scenes for a hundred years by the Catholic religion and it has only really been true, for the last 30 years that a growing evangelical movement of incoming church/school missionaries has changed the dominant political religion in Belize. We are secular now as a state and government in Belize, but it was not always that way in actual performance behind the scenes of political power.
There is the fact that the female population of Iran are very irate, because they want to be equal to males, but are not in their religious and state laws. As an Islamic state, women are possessions of men, as in chattel, like a pet dog, or cow. Women, even though they have gained many freedoms in Iran, are still not equal and can never be under Islamic law from the 12 th century, as expressed in the Quoran. The Muslim holy book version of their man made religion, by their prophet Mohammed.

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