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Caricom is rapidly breaking up! Caricom was the successor to the failed Federation of the West Indies. Another attempt to join the English speaking Caribbean nations into one country. An idea of academic intellectuals, much exaggerated as to benefits from common currency, common free trade markets and common citizens, able to travel into and back and forth as citizens of fourteen very small island nations. With a couple of bigger mainland nations thrown in.
The only thing the CARICOM countries were able to forge over 45 years of trying, were a united block and consensus for voting in INTERNATIONAL FORUMS, such as the United Nations. Mostly the drive to join as one country, was promoted by highly educated academic intellectuals, who could see permanent civil service job opportunities, with high salaries and perks, with travel allowances and per diems.
What happened in the pragmatic sense, is that no politicians were really willing to surrender their island kingdoms, even though they were only elected monarchs called Presidents, or Prime Ministers. Any talk of surrendering their currency, Central Bank functions, civil service jobs to other island populations, met with delays and study groups.
ALBA the grouping of communist led TYRANTS, currently temporarily freely elected to 7 Latin American nations under the leadership of Hugo Chavez, of Venezuela; who were all allegedly COMINTERN student members in their youth, has re-written the political landscape of the Americas. Venezuelans are smart and they have loads of money, with their rich oil field exports. Hugo Chavez the leader of Venezuela plays the clown, but he has a lot of very intelligent people in his bureaucracy. They are so far, smarter than the Europeans and the USA. Mostly because they are not playing with the same mind set in business and government, which throws democratic nations off kilter.
The ALBA trade group and communist ideology is using oil wealth to form a block of communist dictators, as Presidents for Life, or TYRANTS of the countries of the Americas. Copying the successful example of the Castro brothers of Cuba. The battle is between Communist trained people, versus the democratic USA. So far the USA has been concentrating on oil supplies from middle Asia and the middle East countries and ignoring the Americas. The European Union countries have abstained from the struggle and simply adopted the old Imperialist colonial methodology of securing resources and markets under new stratagems.
Caricom it was announced yesterday has just lost two more INTERNATIONAL VOTES ( making three ) of their fourteen country grouping to ALBA. Leaving only eleven countries left, at odds with each other. Two more very small, previously CARICOM island nations it was announced on the evening news, will join ALBA, a trade group, whose contractual requirements require they surrender their foreign policy voting to the ALBA group, instead of CARICOM. The reward is a promise of FOOD and OIL supplies to serve the needs of their citizens. While a lot of talk from the ALBA communist SEVEN is about social programs, and communal trade, it is turning out in practice, to be a move to solidify the seven main countries into tyrannical dictatorships like Cuba, or North Korea, with the SEVEN new Presidents of their countries, being PRESIDENTS FOR LIFE, as in a new empire of TYRANNY. Stalin, Castro, Kim Jong and Mao are the examples being followed by these previous alleged American COMINTERN leaders. The upper class business people are being forced into exile, the middle class is now under attack, with further expropriations and either going to jail, or being forced into exile abroad. All opposition is being eliminated in one way, or another by these ALBA country leaders. The last free press is being eliminated as I write in Ecuador and Venezuela. The others to follow soon.
This is the Bolshevik Revolution methodology in a slightly different operation. One should read the BLACK BOOK OF COMMUNISM to understand, for new generations without practical historical experience.
The jealousy and fear about surrendering their CARICOM economies, revenues and political power of elected Prime Ministers and Presidents of CARICOM countries has turned out to be nothing but academic intellectual dreams, that became shipwrecked on the personal get rich greed ambitions of political leaders of CARICOM. The whole idea never had a chance to start with, because it ignored reality and the ambitions of freely elected politicians for personal gain and pride. Human nature is the downfall of Caricom. Like the Federation of the West Indies before it, CARICOM is crumbling to dust.
Basic to CARICOM original ideas were the need for internal transportation. The island countries were scattered miles apart by the Caribbean sea. In an orgy of pride, the major economic countries of CARICOM went their own way in battles of competing national airlines, bureaucratically run by party hacks at frivolous costs, supported by taxpayer subsidies at a loss, impractical for private sector, smaller airline ventures to compete. These airline systems also are collapsing because they are government controlled. Last year to break the political and economic impasse, in Belize, we attempted to bring a dash of cold water on this process and form an affordable private sector run CARICOM AIRLINES out of Belize to join the countries of CARICOM together. The idea was rejected out of hand by the host Belize Government ( no shares, or bribes for politicians available ) and found no support with the competing agendas of politicians in proud sovereign member nations of CARICOM. The main leaders of CARICOM were Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados. They basically decide the INTERNATIONAL VOTING for the fourteen countries as a group. Nothing else has really worked. Now the international voting bloc is being steadily whittled down from fourteen countries to eleven countries and probably more will follow as oil prices rise, causing inflation in small economies that cannot afford it. ALBA is exploiting this weakness and the loss of power by the USA to economically intervene in the Americas.
This is a WAR, it is a war like no other in history. It is a war using OIL as a weapon and the wealth that OIL produces in a time of declining energy supplies, increasing world populations and the need for both natural resources and markets for products. Complicating matters are the rise of ASIA which is surpassing the manufacturing ability of the Europeans, or the USA, to dominate the political processes involved. With the new Taiwan –mainland China policy of one government, two systems and open trade between them, the Chinese just became a much larger powerhouse in trade. In the meantime, future TYRANTS are using their communist worldly training, to create dictatorship tyrannies on the American Continent and a NEW WORLD ORDER serving them. The spider in the web of this NEW WORLD ORDER battle are International Corporations, working behind the scenes, who treat the planet as their own backyard and greedy governments and corrupt politicians as inconveniences to be exploited.
Politically speaking, the G7 countries are fighting for survival against the growth of the economic power of the ASIAN countries. In turn they are enlisting a broader spectrum called the G 20 countries to fight this war, with bureaucracy, regulations and world trade organizations and the banking system to design their own NEW WORLD ORDER. In that sense, the battle is four fold. The ASIANS, the EUROPEANS, the USA and ALBA, fighting to see who will win supremacy. ALBA is concentrating on the American continent. The traditional weapons of huge armies, and nuclear arsenals are proving useless in this type of world war.
Small CARICOM countries self absorbed by economic problems and their own growing populations are not too concerned by this world war, being battled early in this new century. Here in CARICOM it is about GREED, PERSONAL AMBITIONS in the political arena. Together we stand, or divided we fall is the old cliche. It sure looks like we are going to be pawns in this new WORLD WAR and one can only wonder how our politicians will handle it? In my opinion, nothing can beat self reliance and I think Belize should pursue this path, failing any legitimate pragmatic aspirations from a failing crumbling CARICOM. Since energy supply is the key to economic independence, it behooves the UDP Cabinet to develop some sort of encouraging program to increase our already diversified energy supply. About the only new addition to the mix would be ethanol, which is not quite at a price yet to make totally practical, but for which backyard and farm makers could at least establish through experiment, the technologies on the cottage industry scale, the rudiments of production and distribution, once the price of world oil rose enough to make the program of ethanol production, commercially viable. There is an earlier article on this BLOG about cottage industry ethanol production, with an investment of $2000 bz. needed to produce 5 gallons of ethanol a day in your own backyard. Given that and the encouragement of further private sector energy suppliers, through tax holiday encouragement, and favorable cooperation and possibly legislation, Belize is on the path to energy independence of a sort. Certainly the potential is there given wise decisions by our political cabinet. The only real way we can compete and survive in this third world war for this century is to be energy independent as a basic.

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