Wednesday, June 17, 2009


* Kim Jong 2 inherited his job as TYRANT of North Korea and keeps his rule, through FEAR AND TERROR. The Americas seem to be taken over following his successful example?

* Correa of Ecuador
* Chavez of Venezuela
* Castro Brothers the Czars of Cuba, the prison island.


With the success of Chavez in Venezuela and Correa in Ecuador in taking over the last free television stations in those two countries. Free speech and opposition to the new set of tyrants joining the 50 year old regime of the CASTRO CUBAN island of prisoners and serfs, or of the successes of PRESIDENTS FOR LIFE trend in the Americas. It is looking more and more like a new cold war for us in Belize. In which we are going to become involved, one way or another. No one who enjoys freedom is going to tolerate this trend. Ortega of Nicaragua seems to have aspirations to be either dictator, or tyrant in the same mold. The USA just announced a suspension of $60 million USA in foreign aid, due to crooked municiple elections in Nicaragua in which Ortega's Sandanistas alleged won the majority. Chavez says he is going to give Ortega in Nicaragua the missing USA equivelant in aid from his oil revenues.
Dictators, the Americas have seen many times. A dictator pretty much rules through torture, fear and terror for his own benefit. The free economy, pretty much runs onwards on a small scale, though larger profitable enterprises tend to be extorted for a piece of the action. Tyrants though are sort of different. They say they are going to have a different political system, outside of democracy, in which people have a choice of what they do, to a restricted Fuedal times sort of reign, in which the STATE owns everything and everybody and you are regulated to serving at the pleasure of the STATE apparatus. The STATE of course is embodied by whichever TYRANT is setting up the system. The difference between a Dictator and a TYRANT is the STATE apparatus, and whether you are a possession of the TYRANT with no choices for how you live and work, to that of a Dictatorship, in which you are allowed some freedoms to do business, but must give the dictator and his minions pieces of your business. Dictators and Tyrants try to own the country and people for LIFE TIME PRESIDENCIES. In the case of North Korea, the ownership is passed down through the family, like the older type monarchies of Europe did. Capitalist Democracy, presumes you change your dictator and his party every few years in a FREE ELECTION. If you object to the party policies, you vote somebody else into running the government. Theoretically, the citizen, through his votes owns a Democracy and rulers are serving at the pleasure of the citizen voter, but in Tyrants and Dictators, the citizen is a possession of the rulers for their whole lives, to be used and disposed of as he sees fit. Fear and Repression are the tools to keep people in line.
Sedition is a law used by dictators and tyrants. This means if you protest, or talk against the ruler, or his minions and state apparatus, or policies, you can be jailed, usually tortured and often killed, or disappeared as an object lesson to others who don't like the life of a slave. Sedition does not exist in democratic style governments. Indeed, the criticism allowed of democratic governments are the basic strength of this system. Correa of Ecuador is currently strengthening SEDITION laws in Ecuador.

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