Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Emperor Hugo Chavez outdid Fidel Castro, in that he now controls four countries in the Americas and Caribbean and has strong controls and influence over six others.
Emperor Chavez visiting his soul mate Fidel Castro.



Reporting from Belize, Central America, June 30,2009.

The hard core Imperialist Empire building of Chavez of Venezuela met a stumbling block in Honduras this past week, when the Supreme Court and courageous Honduran Congress, shipped out the traitor President Zalaya, the wanna be, President for Life and planned TYRANT of Honduras to Costa Rica; after he broke Constitutional Law in Honduras by defying Congressional denial to hold a referendum on changing the Honduran Constitution, so that he could run for office again.
To limit dictators and tyrants, Honduras has a Constitution prohibiting a President in the Republican system they use of government, from running again for a second term. Honduras has had a lot of experience with dictators. Zelaya was short of time, only having half a year left in his Presidential term and over reached himself in his hurry to be able to run again for the Presidency.
Known as the ALBA block of leftist countries, the democratic systems of the American continent have been subverted by young Comintern students turned so-called democratic political party leaders and entering into the hurly burly fray of standard democratic party politics, during their middle aged, maturing years. Taking over the leadership of countries from within, by using the same democratic electoral process and popular vote to gain power and then consolidate the win, by removing the Supreme Court and replacing them with hand picked puppets and firing and changing the military leaders and Generals, replacing them with hand picked successors who will obey a tyrant. Violence, murder, blackmail and fraud are some of the standard tools in this type of government takeover. The lessons learned are straight out of the handbook of STALIN during his lifetime, who ran the Russian Empire. Emperor Chavez has been the financier in this planned Empire building.
The current methodology in the American Continent reminds me of the purges of STALIN in RUSSIA prior to World War 11, and the totalitarian state control of Cuba has been defacto in Cuba for the past 50 years under the Castro brothers, tyrants of Cuba, who gained power through revolution similar to the Bolsheviks back in 1917 – 1918 Russia. The Bolsheviks and all their leaders lost their revolution to STALIN, who was the only one to survive his murderous rampage and double dealing, in the change from Communism to a totalitarian state under Stalin around 1921. He purged and killed all the original and famous Bolsheviks in the 1930’s during purges and show trials. He murdered the rank and file as well in the millions.
In Honduras last week, the Stalinist method of consolidating power was thwarted when the then President Zelaya, the wanna-be President for Life; was blocked when the Honduran Congress and the Supreme Court, pre-empted Zelaya’s, move to hold an illegal constitutional amendment change vote, allowing him to run for office a second time and tried changing the military generals opposing his illegality. Presumably the military high command and the executive branches knew they were going to be sacrificial victims if Zelaya succeeded before his term ends later this year.
The action by the Honduras Congress and the Supreme Court of Honduras was superb in timing! Given the vote and given the firing, or purge of the Honduras military Generals, the Supreme Court and Congress would have been victims of the purge of Zelaya, if he had gotten a favorable showing in his illegal vote to change the Honduran Constitution. Stalin’s history shows the methodology being used by Chavez of Venezuela. Secret files now made public for researchers, from the old communist era that collapsed, show how it was organized, copied now by Emperor Chavez of Venezuela. Arguably Zelaya the ex-president should have first changed the Generals and the Supreme Court, before he attempted to change the Honduran Constitution to be successful in his coup d’etat, in taking over tyrannical control of the Honduran government. The attempt might still have succeeded if the vote had gone his way, had he been allowed to make it against the Constitutional laws of the land of Honduras. Both Chavez of Venezuela and Correa of Ecuador have successfully used Stalin’s method to clean the military of opponents and higher seats in the now charade of democratic institutions, once supposed in a democracy to be checks and balances theoretically. These are charades now, a mockery of democracy both in Ecuador and Venezuela.
Currently the EMPIRE building of Emperor CHAVEZ of Venezuela who is financing the subversion, has four solid countries controlled by him in the Caribbean, Central America and South America. These four of use to him right now are Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaragua. There are 34 countries in the Americas and undoubtedly Canada and the USA would be too difficult to take over in Emperor Chavez’s Imperialistic ambitions of expansion. That still leaves 32 countries, target for Venezuelan Chavez, Imperialistic Empire building plans, for a totalitarian Empire on the model of that built by STALIN of Russia in the last century. Some of these countries are already compromised, such as Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina and in the slower process of incremental process of usurpation. There are now three new small island states that once belonged to CARICOM, now in the ALBA empire, in return for promises of food and oil for their small populations. Presumably these former CARICOM Prime Ministers will eventually be forced into exile, or sent to jail, or meet fatal accidents, as the price of Empire building, using the historical model of STALINIST fear and terror and one can see in the future, a repeat of the Grenada invasion in the Caribbean, of what was once free CARICOM small states, as they become slave states and stepping stones for ALBA surreptious covert activities. The COLD WAR has got hot again, but it is not in middle ASIA anymore, but in the 34 countries of the American continent and Caribbean. Ten countries now in Alba, represent 30% of the countries targeted by Emperor Chavez in this new war. The USA State Department were very slow in waking up.
Amusing to see last night on USA cable television were shots of OBAMA of the USA, often accused by radical websites on the internet of being a fellow traveler, or leftist himself, looking very disgruntled in the WHITEHOUSE, along with President Uribe of Colombia, a neighbor of Venezuela and Ecuador. The past Bush administration of the USA had rescued Colombia, from the clutches of the FARC bandit army hiding in jungles and using drugs, extortion, kidnapping and violence and allegedly tools of torture and murderous, mafia style repression, on allegations of assignment for both the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez and of the President of Ecucador, Correa, in pursuit of removing free thinkers, those of independent mind and those opponents perceived of a threat to the ambitions of building of this new Empire, sought principally by new Emperor Chavez of Venezuela, backed by the oil wealth of that country. The FARC are being used to do repression, fear and terror and do wet jobs of what in STALIN Russia Empire days were carried out by the NKVD, the GRU and other organs of that time and place.
Even though this current move by the Supreme Court of Honduras is checkmate now, for consolidating the totalitarian gains of Honduras, as another member of the ALBA block, in the new Empire of Emperor Chavez of Venezuela, of our American continent, our new STALIN wanna be.
The OAS ( Organization of American States ) has convened to talk and talk and talk. Made up of disgruntled politicians and over half in the view of the public are appointed crooked, troublesome politicians from their own countries. The OAS is viewed by the public, to be a dumping ground for political opponents, to get them out of their home countries and give them prestige and a salary with handsome perks and travel allowances, which removes them from local politics.
The visual message on USA cable television news was unmistakable, with Uribe present in the Whitehouse and while OBAMA said he was against the events in Honduras, siding with Chavez and Ortega, the presence of President Uribe in the Whitehouse sent the message to all and sundry in the Americas, that past USA President Bush had built up an effective military power in Colombia, well capable of handling military matters with both Ecuador and Colombia in conventional war. Colombia has done well in the guerrilla wars with the surrogate FARC bandit army, numbering over ten thousand combatants, but not as well as could be possible in this jungle and suburban based guerrilla war. The FARC since their leadership losses of a year or so ago, have consolidated and kidnapped a lot of new youngsters to fill out their private bandit army. Their restructuring is now complete the internet reports say.
However, a military confrontation over Honduras, promised by Emperor Chavez in his blustering over the OAS and the loss of his puppet proxy Zelaya in Honduras, was met quite handily, when the message of President Uribe’s presence sitting in the Whitehouse, with a disgruntled OBAMA, clearly out of control of events on the ground, delivered the silent message of nearby military might and friendship in Colombia for democracy, to the four current IMPERIALIST EMPIRE BUILDERS from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Ecuador. There is unlikely to be any open military conflict, despite Venezuelan blustering of ALBA BLOCK intentions, the name of the new expanding Chavez run Empire in the Americas. In the meantime, this COLD WAR in the Americas will continue, while Chavez persues his dream of being another STALIN, CASTRO, or MAO style tyrant, with absolute power in a totalitarian empire of subordinate Kings, of the Americas. Many will die in this conflict. That is the lesson of history.
Chavez the President for Life who plays the fool, buffoon and clown can no longer be treated lightly. This new wanna be EMPEROR OF THE AMERICAS must be taken very seriously.

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