Tuesday, March 30, 2010


UFO MOTOR BACK ENGINEERING IDEA by Ray Auxillou ( March 2010 )

The Hadron Collider startup and search for the GOD particle subject ( Higgs Bosun particle ) on our listserve in Belize, Central America!

Which reminds me, in my dreaming subconscious state in the wee hours of the morning, my mind was trying to back-engineer from UFO reports of saucer movements, the motor that they might use?
What I get is that a centrifugal force builds up kinetic energy. If one used an atomic structure with nucleus ( proton ) as the mass in the center and the electron ( a wave function, not an actual thing ). But anyway, so far in my ruminations and research, I figure as an example that if you could take a hydrogen atom and vary the speed of the circling electron, you could speed it up and create kinetic energy. If you have some way to anchor the mass of the proton to the flying saucer, then a method of shielding the kinetic energy build up, so that you could using some sort of transmission device to shift the shield, so only one gap would allow the kinetic energy to transmit the movement of force and you were able to rotate that gap around the atom, you would have a directional motor for a flying vehicle.
Now I'm using the hydrogen atom, because it is a simple structure, with one proton and one electron. Don't know what happens when you liquefy hydrogen to the atomic structure, but obviously you could use an atom of something with 6 electrons more successfully, if you had the basic principle of kinetic force build up, by altering the speed of the electron. We are getting into quantum physics here and I have no training in this physics, so lack the math and such. But backyard curiosity tinkering, might develop a new motor like reported done by UFO's if this is possible. Maybe molecules? Will have to look into that some more. Give me some young physicists up on this math and maybe something could be created as a space motor for flying in the solar system, even in our atmosphere. Idle thoughts from the rural areas of Belize, Central America.

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