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March 2010

Belize is experiencing an increase of tremors from Earthquake faults passing around the country. We are not particularly close to any fault, except in the Punta Gorda area of the Southern Toledo District. Certainly the Stalagmites and stuff in the BLUE HOLE on Lighthouse ATOLL loved by scuba divers are estimated at 140 million years old. So nothing big is likely to happen in Belize from Earthquakes?

Yeah! My brother-in-law was up in the computer trading room on the 3rd floor. He felt it.
Don't know which one? It seems as we pass through the gravitational plane of the galaxy, that there is an increase of gravitational energy as the masses of the star systems of the galaxy line up, with each other effecting EARTH. The last time, this happened 13,000 years ago, the ICE AGE ended. I think we are about 18 years into the most dense concentration of gravitational effects and this will peak sometime in the next 400 years? Though I'm not sure what happens during Xmas 2012?

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Subject: Bz-Culture: Magnitude 5.3 GUATEMALA 3:55pm Belize time
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Date: Saturday, March 20, 2010, 9:45 PM

Magnitude 5.3 GUATEMALA
Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 21:55:49 UTC

About 200 miles west of us in the south. I didnt' feel it, but others did.

And a 4,8, just south of Gitmo, couple hours earlier.

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