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Subjects are available in a broad spectrum from undergraduate, through Masters and Doctorates. In most cases, a year of MANDARIN training is thrown in, to enable Belize students to study at higher schools of education in TAIWAN. This is an all expenses paid education, including round trip plane fare and a stipend to pay for your living costs in Taiwan.
Courses available are: Tropical Agriculture, Business Administration, Information Systems and Technology, Human Resources Development, Philosophy, Mental Health, Marine Sciences, Mechanical Engineering ( we need this in Belize ), Plastic injection and molding machinery, ( we need this too here )Health and Nursing, Agriculture economics, Civil Engineering and Management, International Trade, ( we need that too here ),Clinical Medicine, Administration of Health Care/
Details were in last weekend's newspapers and also are available at the Embassy of Taiwan in the capital of Belize - BELMOPAN.

Taiwan has the biggest educational FOREIGN AID sponsored program with Belize of any other country. Mexico follows in second place. Cuba has a limited small offering in health mostly. Far as I know CANADA and the USA offer nothing, and they are fellow American Continent neighbors. The British have one or two scholarships available from the British High Commission. The OAS, the Organization of the Americas is offering 5 undergraduate scholarships and 10 graduate scholarships. We don't have enough information on these to comment. One of the reasons CANADA and the USA were excluded from the new formation of the G -32 countries of the Americas, is their orientation in foreign policy. Canada is believed to feel they are a EUROPEAN country and not part of the Americas. The USA is a world player, but more orientated to Europe and the Middle East in their sense of self identity.

Scholarships interest me because; my granddaughter Giselle de la Fuente, ( 18 yrs ) had to join the USA National Guard ARMY, to get her Bachelors Degree in computer technology paid for. ( She has since finished her basic training. ) Another grandson Justin Kuylen has just got his Bachelors Degree scholarship in GRAPHIC ARTS paid for by SJC in Belize City for whom he has been working. The deal is; he will study at a University in IOWA in the USA and he will return with his Bachelors Degree and continue working for SJC for two years afterwards. He will continue to work via long distance over the internet, and get a stipend and then a full salary upon return to SJC in Belize City.
Meaningful and useful higher education outside of the supply side of bureaucratic jobs is limited. Most Belizeans and even the middle class cannot afford to educate their children. The money earned for a job in Belize is half that of the USA for the same job. Our local Universities have not yet grasped the subject matter for local development, outside of government needs and salaried type jobs. Technical useful education in fields suitable for entrepreneurship are practically non-existent. Among these the Mexicans and Taiwanese are the most useful offers for higher educational scholarships, with which to make entrepreneurial careers.

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