Wednesday, March 3, 2010

UFO's in Belize - anti gravity motor, HOW TO DO IT


Normally I don’t believe in UFO and alien terrestrials. I did see a UFO when I was young though. Did weird things in the sky.
The show on cable tv was good and only covered the more unexplainable incidents. Some were very believable. One in particular was the film of a ballistic missile test with they said a dummy nuclear warhead on the tip. It was out in space, 142 miles up and out down range. When a bright light UFO came into the camera, did some spirals around the ballistic missile at 14,000 miles an hour on its torch flame pushing it like hell. Then it drew even with the nuclear war head and hit it with what appeared a ray of some kind as a weapon and knocked the weapon off the ballistic missile at 14,000 miles an hour. Don’t know where the camera was, but it was the same kind of filming you saw when the shuttle blew up with those astronaughts. Anyway the head fell off the missile and started to separate away from the body of the missile and the UFO looped around the missile,lined up for another shot and blasted the warhead again as the thing started to separate and lose speed. The missile was still torching along in the same frame. It was amazing. There were some other believable UFO incidents on the show.
What was interesting was that there were interviews with both FRENCH and RUSSIAN generals and both military establishments admit that EARTH is being visited by alien extra terrestrials. There seem to be several different kinds of them, with different kinds of crafts. Some of the UFO stuff was questionable and junk. But several were very good indeed. One retired Colonel in charge of a Montana ballistic missile site during the COLD WAR said a UFO, a bright oblong Orange shape, hovered over the fence of the compound and the sentries above on the ground were in contact with him by walkie talkie. He said he was in charge of an armed nuclear war head missile field and all 20 of the missiles were made inoperable by the UFO below the ground in their silos. He explained that each silo had its own system and they were not joined together, but the UFO immobilized all twenty of them.
The FRENCH military had a study and book printed for government higher ups and the military, on the subject, but it eventually in later years got into the hands of the public and was published in FRANCE. This book has not shown up translated in the USA yet though, they said.
In thinking about that UFO, if what we saw was true? Then one has to consider propulsion systems used by that UFO. Inertia, anti-gravity motors, centrifugal force, centipedal force and gyro scopes seem possibilities to make a motor and flying object that would be able to do what the UFO did. I looked stuff up on the internet and looks like a lot of people before me have had the same idea. Can you use atomic energy, or atomic particles to create a centrifugal force, then the force would create an anti-gravity effect in a lineal direction, by neutralizing the centipedal force? Seems possible? Interesting subject to think about. If you had some sort of centrifugal force motor, then the speed of the centrifugal force would give you propulsion, varying this with the ability to direct it in different directions by some sort of neutralization of the opposing centipedal force would give you anti-gravity effects and allow the sort of acrobatics we saw on the video of this ballistic missile in flight high up in space. Something to think about anyway?

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