Monday, March 1, 2010

Belize Telecommunications Media company led astray by Government appointed DIRECTORS.

BTL the Nationalized Telecommunications Company has gone astray led by the government appointed Board of Directors.
The latest announcement in the weekend newspapers ( we get only weekly newspapers in this small country ) is that BTL Board of Directors appointed by the Government, are proudly announcing that new offerings to existing customers in town centers will be able to monitor your heartbeat, schedule travel plans, play games with people around the world.
From my viewpoint in Santa Elena Town, one of the fastest growing towns in the country of Belize, this is pure nonsense. I cannot figure out the extra features my current phones have? What I want, which is what BTL under different owners have promised, but never delivered in the past 16 years, though they spout rhetoric that they will, year after year. What I want; is DSL at my house in Santa Elena Town, a quarter mile away from the trunk line of BTL, up the hill from the Western Highway.
Until they do that, they are regarded as EXPLOITIVE, INCOMPETENT in our section of Santa Elena Town. A town which is growing so fast, faster than any other town in the country. New stores are going up rapidly ( mostly Chinese immigrant investors ) along the main highway and we are now within just one mile, of swallowing up Esperenza village inside the boundaries of our Santa Elena Town, whom BTL still cannot give media communications.
One favorable mention here. We now can use BTL cell phones in Hillview, our suburb of Santa Elena Town. I heard a rumor that they had re-orientated the dish on the tower, to give us coverage over here, thus increasing the signal strength.
Our business uses dial up SMART ( the telecommunications competitor) out here, which says it is 115 kpbs, but loads programs on the internet at a speed of 5 to 7 kpbs. Most of our business software needed coming out of foreign countries cannot be loaded at all, because with streaming data requirements, the bandwidth and speeds offered by SMART are insufficient to accommodate the data streams which are changing on a 30 second basis. So we are severely hampered business wise. We use cable television a lot for data. Not what we need exactly, but can keep us in the picture for a FINANCIAL BUSINESS. We juggle what we can get and make do!

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