Friday, March 19, 2010

Government of Belize report card jumps 2 points to 60%


Thanks to elected representative RENE MONTERO of the CAYO CENTRAL voing area in Western Belize, the UDP government gets a boost to a long awaited 60% on the approval rating on their REPORT CARD.

Yesterday there was a big tent ceremony with speeches as Rene Montero, the elected representative of Cayo Central area, saw his constituents get over a 100 land lots distributed to citizens of the area of CRISTO REY.
Rene has proved to be a dynamic working elected representative for Cayo Central. He is sure to get re-elected.

p.s. ** Hey RENE we need 5 or 6 street corner culverts in Hillview that were left unfinished the last time your party was in office 15 years ago. To stop erosion of the streets in heavy rainy seasons.

*** Don't forget there was a TOWN BOARD meeting last night and high on the HILLVIEW agenda at the meeting was the request for the paving of the entrance road from the Western Highway into Santa Cruz and Hillview boulevard. Transportation was arranged from the hilltop telephone booth to the meeting, held across the river at the San Ignacio Town, San Ignacio Hotel. I didn't go, but sent a representative.

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